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This family research and web site started from a few old family letters.
Letter to Mary Ellen Crompton (Elgey) from Arthur Crompton, grandson of John Crompton (b.1805)

Letter 7 Apr 1933

Dear Nellie

Pop (Mary agnes Tibbits nee Crompton b.1873) and I looked over her papers and I made a note of a few of the high spots. Her first record of any one of our name was of Simon de la Crompton 1246

Sir Thomas crompton came from London accompanied by the Earl of Essex to Elmswell which was given to him by Elizabeth. I dont know the exact dates but he was married in 1570. He sold Elmswell vto Henry Bestin 1597, your ancester I believe His son Sir John of Skenne and the Inner temple died 1623. that must be the Tomb that Tom spoke about.

The Ruston Parva branch was about 1670-1696.
Sledmere sold 1721
Walter Crompton lived at Sunderlandwick 1756

Robert Crompton 1610 married Jane daughter of Rev. Culverwell of Cherry Burton,
2nd wife Ann Haldersley daughter of Francis Haldesley at Cherry Burton 1625
3rd wife Ceziah Strickland daughter of Walter Strickland of Boynton

Our old man was born 1740 died 1822 and Pop has a copy of his Will also other Wills.

Pop did not know about the marriage between a Crompton woman and St Quentin, She was much interested to hear it

In one Will Lowthorpe is spelt Lowthropp but that has nothing to do with the Estate.

I had a delightful week and thoroughly enjoyed myself. When i left you I went by Lowthorpe again to have a better look at our old house, the garden is all weeds.

Best Love from Arthur.

Info from a letter sent 1939 from Harry's father Thomas Crompton b.1867

Dear Harry & Eileen
I send you a Pedigree of our Family My sister Aunt Pop knowes a lot more about the Cromptons, but i don't know a lot more than what I am sending. I dont think there is much doubt but that the Cromptons were decended from Sir John Crompton of Driffield Castle were he lived in 17th century.

Our old paucer?, Mr Davidson of Nafferton once lent me a book which gave a large? history of those Cromptons In it there was something about a Crompton who married a Best of Elmswell and also about a St Quentin who married a Crompton and was Heiress to Lowthorpe and other estates.

Thomas Crompton 
born 1740? died 1822
He would never say where he came from
He was Buried in the priory church Bridlington

Richard Crompton Bought Gt Houndales but lost it in a court case (lease expired?) then lived in cromptons yard Nafferton where he is buried
John Crompton b.1805 (of Little Houdales and Thorneholme) married A Jefferson of Great Houdales he is buried Burton Agnes
Thomas Crompton of Lowthorpe b.1837 d.1890 married M.E. Duggleby of Beswick had 6 sons and 3 daughters died 1890 the Duggleby's have been at Beswick Hall for over 300 years page missing
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