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1901 census
source                 RG13; Piece: 4526; Folio: 14; Page: 19/20
place                  Hunmanby, Bridlington, Yorks
dwelling               schedule 115, Field House  

John        Cranswick    47                               Rudston
Charlotte   Cranswick    45                               Bridlington
Edith E     Cranswick    19                               Hunmanby
Sydney      Cranswick    18  Bank Clerk                   Hunmanby
Edwin       Cranswick    16                               Hunmanby
Alan        Cranswick    11                               Hunmanby
Vera        Cranswick    10                               Hunmanby
Wilfred     Cranswick     8                               Hunmanby 
Jack        Cranswick     7                               Hunmanby
Donald      Cranswick     5                               Hunmanby
Eric        Cranswick     3                               Hunmanby
Jessamine   Cranswick     10 months 
plus 5 servants

1911 census
source                    RG14; Piece: 26847, ditrict 498/4/97 
place                     Bradford
dwelling                  40 Mannville Terrace 

Henry            Martin   head  m  54  Assurance superintendant      Plumstead Kent
Lydia Elizabeth  Martin   wife  m  56                                Opington, Kent
John David       Sales    boarder  23  Piano Forte Tuner             fulham, london
Launce         Fitzgerald boarder  21  Engineers Apprentice          Dublin
Wilfred        Cranswick  boarder  18  apprentice Wool Warehouseman  Hunmanby 

Name: 	Wilfred Cranswick
Regiment or Corps:   Yorkshire Dragoons (Queen's Own)
Regimental Number:   3172, 175448

Name:                Wilfred Cranswick
Regimental Number:   175448
Regiment:            Yorkshire Dragoons Yeomanry
Battalion:           1/1st Battalion
Rank:                Corporal
Medals:              Military Medal+Bar

1919 Victory medal
Acting Sergeant,     Wilfred Cranswick  3172 ,regt 175448 
                     Yorkshire Dragoons (Queens own)

sheet 2

Wilfred's wife to be, Katherine Macvie,

GRO births marqt1893, Warfedale (Baildon) 9a ,147

1881 census, Adam Macvie aged 23, was a student of medicine in Edinburgh
1887 Adam Macvie married Annie howell Grieg, Newington, Edinburgh
1889 junqt a son George ernest Macvie born Baildon
1893 Adam Macvie M.D. phycician and Surgeon and medical officer of health
to the local board and medical officer to Baildon district,
Wharfedale union , Temple Rhydding.

1901 census
source             RG13; Piece: 4067; Folio: 33; Page: 27
place              Baildon, West Riding, Yorks    
dwelling           schedule 193, Nether Hall. 

Adam       Macvie  head  m  43  General Medical Practitioner     Scotland
Annie H    Macvie  wife  m  41                                   Scotland
George E   Macvie  son      12                                   Baildon 
Katherine  Macvie  dau       8                                   Baildon  
John G     Macvie  son       3                                   Baildon
Ellen      Ripley  Serv     25                                   Windhill

1911 census
source          district 491/5  ed 2, schedule 202    
place          Baildon, Yorks
dwelling       Nether Hall  

Adam         Macvie  head   53  m    Medical Practitioner         Dregholm Ayrshire
Annie howell Macvie  wife   51  m 23 yrs   3 children             Edinburgh
George enest Macvie  son    22     medical student                Baildon Yks
Katherine    Macvie  dau    18                                    Baildon Yks 
John grieg   Macvie  son    13                                    Baildon
In WW1 Katherine worked with
The Voluntry aid Department  
VAD poster

sheet 3
1915 Medical Register
Adam Macvie, Nether Hall, Baildon, shipley, Yorks

1919 Medical register
Adam Macvie Baildon, Yorks, 1882 oct 4th S | M.B. C.E. 1882 | M.D. 1885 U. Edin

1920 Adam Macvie, 10 Park Avenue, St. Ives, Cornwall, retired
MD Ed 1885 Mb, Cm, Ch B. 1882, Glasgow Edinburgh, Late M.O. Baildon U.D.C. 33yrs

1925 Adam Macvie M.D retired has move to Gorleston on Sea Suffolk
1930 Adam Macvie, Trevos, Poplar Avenue, Gorleston on Sea,Suffolk

Adam died 1933 and his widow Annie joined her daughter in Australia
1933 Orient line, S.S. Ormonde, passenger embarked at London, Departure 9th Dec. 1933
tkt. 227, Cranswick Mrs. K.    Trevose, Poplar Ave, Gorleston suffolk, Sydney, Home duties 40
tkt. 228  Macvie    Mrs. A.H.     - do -                                       NIL         73

1834 Quarentine record S.S. Ormonde,

Departed London 9th December 1933
Arrived Sydney 19th January 1934
Mrs A.H. Macvie,    64 Nicholson Street, Chatswood, Sydney
Mrs.  K. Cranswick, 64 Nicholson Street, Chatswood, Sydney

Wilfred and Katherine

Electrol lists
1921 And 1922
Wilfred    Cranswick, 5 Springhurst Road, Shipley

MARRIAGE junqt1922 Penzance, Cornwall
Wilfred Cranswick  to Katherine Macvie 
Note; Although the marriage was  in Cornwall where
Katherine's parents had recently retired to St Ives.
Wilfred and Katherine probably met around Bradford,
Wilfred's address in 1921 is less than a mile from where 
Kathrine's family had lived in the next Village, Baildon

A son John macvie Cranswick born 10 Feb 1923, Shipley, UK

1924 Electrol list
Wilfred J. Cranswick, 21 Cross Banks,     Shipley
Katherine  Cranswick, 21 Cross Banks,     Shipley

S.S. IONA white Star Line,(second Class)
Departed Southampton 14th September 1923
arrived Wellington, New Zealand, 25th October 1923 W. Cranswick, aged 30, 21 Cross Banks Shepley, Yorks, Wool Buyer
S.S Omar, The Orient Steamship co,
Embarked: Melbourne,
Arrived; London, 18th June 1924
CRANSWICK, Mr. W.          31   97/99, Swan Arcade, Bradford.  Sydney, Wool Buyer 

EMIGRATION to Australia

S.S AENEAS, The Blue Funnel Line,
Departing Liverpool; 16th August 1924
Destination; South Africa and Australia
CRANSWICK, Wilfred.          31   97/99, Swan Arcade, Bradford.  Sydney, Wool Buyer 
CRANSWICK, Katherine (Mrs.)  31    "       "            "          "
CRANSWICK  John Macvie.      1½    "       "            "          "

sheet 4

House for Sale
5 Isabella Street
Source: Google street view

A rendered house with generous windows to the north and a terra cotta hipped roof. Distictive features include the bay window and decorative leadlight in the upper panes of the windows. Also prominent is the stepped rendering treatment that can be seen around the base of the house, as Keystone above the door-way and on the masonary fence columns.

Plans and specifications for the house at 5 Issabella Street were prepared by Ken Olifant in March 1936 for Mrs. Katherine Cranswick and presumably her husband Wilfred. he ran a stock and station agency, wool-skin buying business and hareware store in the town. The housewas probably erected during that year.

The house is significant as an example of an architect's work in Queanbean and hence of the more robust and higher quality housing being built in the town. It is also significant for its consistant use of stepped decoration in the rendering. This includes the fence. Other significant details include the bay window with decorative leadlight and the prominent chimney.

sheet 5

The Canberra Times, Wednesday 21st April 1937
QUEANBEYAN COURT, Charge Dismissed

At, the Queanbeyan Court of Petty Sessions yesterday, before Mr. W. F. Britz, PM., a, charge against William Cranswick, general . Merchant. Queanbeyan, of having used abusive language to Sergeant North on April 5., was dismissed.

In evidence, Sergeant North said that at about 2.45 p.m. on April 5, he had seen Cranswick driving along Lowe Street near the Cooma road intersection. He had stopped Cranswick and had told him that he was driving at over 40 miles an hour, and that his speed was dangerous, particularly in view of the fact that he was driving past a school. An argument ensued during which Cranswick had told Sergeant North that he was ridiculous , and said, "We all 'know that you are the 'king gee' of this town" Cranswick had also said, continued Sergeant North, "I pay 1,000 a year to keep the likes of you."

Wilfrid Cranswick said that he had not been driving at an excessive speed when he was stopped by Sergeant North. He had examined the marks made by the car when he pulled up and they showed that he had been travelling at a moderate speed
When Sergeant North had spoken to him he had told him he was officious and had also said that he was ridiculous. Sergeant North had asked to see his licence and had told Cranswick that he would remember the number of it. Cranswick had then given him a pencil and paper to write the number down and had also told him the time, remarking that he was badly equipped without pencil, paper or a watch. Cranswick said that he had not used the words "king gee" but had said "king pin."
When Sergeant North suggested coming to his office in the afternoon to get particulars of his car licence, he had told him that he was too busy to see him. Mr. Britz, after questioning Cranswick about his experience of driving, said that there was a reasonable doubt as to what had happened and dismissed the case.
Mr. W. B. Simpson, instructed by Mr. K. C. Codd, appeared for Cranswick.

The Canberra Times, Wednesday 5th May 1937
At the Queanbeyan Court of Petty Sessions yeaterday, before Mr. F. W. Britz, P.M.,
Dangerous Driving
Wilfrid Cranswick, storekeeper. Queanbeyan, was fined 5 with 5/6 costs for driving a car at a speed dangerous to the public. ...

Name:                 Wilfrid Cranswick
Birth Date:           28 Dec 1892
Birth Place:          Queanbeyan New South Wales
Year Range:           1939 - 1948
Enlistment Place:     Queanbeyan New South Wales
Service Number:       N449347
Next of Kin:          Katherine Cranswick
Series Description:   B884: Army Citizen Military Forces

sheet 6
Wilfred Cranwick aged 32 travelled from Sydney to Wellington 12 nov 1924 Also found travelling 1938 to Sydney from Auckland general merchant aged 45
New Zealand Herald,   7th March 1938
( By telegraph OWN correspondent. )
GISBORNE, Sunday A family record of war service probably without parallel has been revealed in connection with a reunion which took place in Gisborne last week, when six brothers gathered for the first time in 21 years, celebrating the visit of one member of the family resident in New South Wales.

The family contributed the services of 11 members in all to British expeditionary forces during the Great War, eight sons and two daughters surviving the experience and a ninth son being killed in action at Messines in 1917 .

The reunion of six of the brothers in Gisborne was rendered possible by the visit of one, Mr. Wilfred Cranswick, from New South Wales. Wilfred met here his brothers Alan (Tolaga Bay), Edwin (Waimana), Jack (Hicks Bay), Donald (Te Karaka) and Eric (Te Karaka).

A series of family gatherings at the homes of the brothers in the district culminated in a dinner at a hotel in Gisborne, the occasion of the bringing together of all the brothers and their wives.

Two other brothers of the Cranswick family are living in Northumberlnd, England, and Kenya Colony respectively, and the two sisters who served as nurses in the Great War are living, one in England, and the other in British East Africa.

S.S STRATHAIRD, The P.& O. Line,
Departing LONDON ; 30th January 1953
Destination; SYDNEY Australia
CRANSWICK, Katherine, age 61, 5 Mount Pleasant, Oxton.  Housewife,  Australia

S.S STRATHAIRD, The P.& O. Line,
Departing LONDON 24th September 1953
Arrive Fremantle; Western Australia, 20th October 1923
Destination: Sydney
CRANSWICK, Wilfred, age 60, Cranswick Pty Ltd. Box 82,  Queanbean N.S.W.
UK  address:  5 Mount Pleasant, Oxton.

sheet 7
Electrol Roll, 1930 Chatswoood, North Sydney, NSW
2404, Cranswick Katherine, 64 Nicholson Street, home duties
2405, Cranswick Wilfred  , 4  Nicholson Street, Buyer

Electrol Roll, 1933 Queanbean, Eden Monaro, New south Wales
2601, Cranswick Katherine, 2 O'Hanlon Road, home duties
2602, Cranswick Wilfred  , 2 O'Hanlon Road, Wool Buyer

Electrol Roll, 1936 Queanbean, Eden Monaro, New south Wales
558, Cranswick Katherine, 7 Park Street,    home duties
587, Cranswick Wilfred  , 7 Park Street,    Wool Buyer

Electrol Roll, 1937 Queanbean, Eden Monaro, New south Wales
586, Cranswick Katherine, Isabella Street,  home duties
587, Cranswick Wilfred  , Isabella Street,  Merchant

Electrol Roll, 1939 Queanbean, Eden Monaro, New south Wales
554, Cranswick Katherine, Isabella Street,  home duties
556, Cranswick Wilfred  , Isabella Street,  Merchant

Electrol Roll, 1943 Queanbean, Eden Monaro, New south Wales
670, Cranswick John Macvie  ,  Walsh's Hotel, Public Servant
671, Cranswick Katherine    ,  10 Rutlege Street, home duties
672, Cranswick Mary therese ,  Walsh's Hotel, Typist
673, Cranswick Wilfred      ,  10 Rutlege Street, no Occuopation

Electrol Roll, 8th January 1963 Queanbean, Eden Monaro, New south Wales
803, Cranswick Katherine    ,  10 Rutlege Street, home duties
804, Cranswick Wilfred      ,  10 Rutlege Street, no Occupation*

Electrol Roll 1968, Australian Capital Territory, Frazer
10734, Cranswick John Macvie,   flat 17, Blk 7, Allowah Flats, Brand., Public Serv.
10735  Cranswick Mary Therase,  flat 17/ Blk 7, Allowah Flats, Brand., Stenographer

Electrol Roll 1968, Australian Capital Territory
10734, Cranswick John Macvie,   17/7 Allowah Flats, Brand., P S
10735  Cranswick Mary Therase,  17/7 Allowah Flats, Brand., Stenographer
John Macvie Cranswick served in the RAAF WW2 unit 2AD serv no. A210391 (422904)

On December 22nd 1962, at Canbera, Community Hospital,
Late of 10 Rutlidge Street, Queanbeyan, dearly beloved
husband of Mrs Katherine Cranswick, dear father of John (Canberra)
aged 69 years, At rest.

Canberra Times, Tuesday, 15th September 1987
CRANSWICK, Katherine. - 14.9.1987, at George Forbes house.
Beloved widow of the late Wilfred Cranswick.
Loved mother and mother-in-law of Jock and Mollie.
Aged 94 years.
No flowers by request
Private cremation service.

sheet 8
Message Forum (
Dear Alan,
Please could I call on your time and expertise again -
I would be so grateful for your help with two queries. 1) Katherine Macvie (born 1893, and lived her first years in Baildon, near Bradford) is known to have spent a short time as a VAD in World War 1. (We have a picture of her in her uniform). However it seems she met an Australian called Wilfred Cranswick (possibly serving with a British regiment?) They were married after the war and went to live permanently in Australia.

My granny was a domestic with the Macvie family but formed a warm friendship with Katherine, and subsequently I was named after her, hence my interest!
Any information on Katherine and Wilfred would be greatly appreciated, if any exists. 2) I am also looking to find more on John George Oxlade, a sergeant in the London Regiment who was killed in February 1917. He was the sweetheart of Connie Edwards, and we have a most touching book of family poems written about him, but otherwise know very little about him. Thank you in advance, Alan,
Kind regards from Kate (of Bradford)

Kate may be refering to Bety Ann Adams a servant in 1911 census
who married 1913 at North bierley to Thomas Ayre.

sheet 9
Reply from: Alan Greveson
Date: Sunday 18th April 2010 at 5:24 PM
Dear Kate,
For service records of nurses in the VAD you need to make a written enquiry to the British Red Cross Museum and Archives, 44 Moorfields, London, EC2Y 9AL. See

There is no obvious record of Wilfred Cranswick. Katherine Macvie was born at Baildon, Wharfedale, early in 1893, the daughter of Adam and Annie Howell Macvie. Adam Macvie, a Scotsman, had trained to be a doctor and surgeon at Glasgow and Edinburgh and was a G.P. as well as the Medical Officer of Health for Baildon Urban District Council and medical officer of the Baildon District for the Wharfedale poor law union. (Medical Directory of Britian and Ireland 1898).

The family lived at Nether Hall, Baildon. Adam's eldest son, George Ernest, followed in his father's footsteps and became a doctor in Baildon. The youngest son, John Greig Macvie appears to have served as a wireless operator on S.S. New York in 1917. In 1925 a John Greig Macvie qualified as a dentist at Manchester. Adam Macvie was a senior member of Bradford St Andrew's Golf Club and his matches were well recorded in the local papers. He apparently died in Norfolk in 1933, aged about 75.

Katherine married Wilfred Cranswick at Penzance in Cornwall in 1922 (GRO Marriages, Q2 1922 Penzance vol 5c page 476). This marriage certificate should help identify Wilfred's father. The couple had one son, John Macvie Cranswick whose birth was registered at North Bierley a year later (GRO Births Q1 1923 N. Bierely vol 9b page 88). North Bierley registration district was formed from Bradford in 1892.

Wilfred Cranswick was a wool buyer. On September 14th 1923 a W. Cranswick of 21 Cross Banks, Shipley, sailed to Wellington, New Zealand on SS Ionic. On June 18th 1924 he apparently returned on SS Omar from Melbourne. He was a wool-buyer of 97 Swan Arcade, Bradford (which may have been an office address).
A month later, on August 19th 1924, Wilfrid (sic) Cranswick; Katherine and John Macvie Cranswick left England for Australia on S.S. Aeneas which sailed from Liverpool for Sydney.
In 1927 Katherine and her son John visited her parents at Gorleston on Sea, Suffolk. In 1930 the family was living at 64 Nicholson Street, North Sydney with business premises at 9 Loftus Street (John Sands Directory 1932/3).

In 1933 they had moved to 2 O'Hanlon Road, Queanbeyan, Eden Monaro. In 1933, when Katherine's father died she had returned to visit England and took her widowed mother back to Australia. Mrs K Cranswick and Mrs A.H. Macvie of "Trevose" Poplar Avenue, Gorleston, Suffolk sailed on SS Ormonde on December 9th 1933. The electoral registers of Australia showed Annie Howell Macvie living with the Cranswicks from 1933 to 1943. The family first lived at 7 Park Street Queanbeyan and then Isabella Street, Queanbeyan from 1937 to at least 1954. When John was old enough to vote he appeared on the registers with his parents as a "storeman".

The National Archives of Australia have John's WW2 service record:
CRANSWICK JOHN MACVIE : Service Number - N235839 : Date of birth - 10 Feb 1923 :
Place of birth - SHIPLEY ENGLAND : Place of enlistment - NORTH SYDNEY NSW :
Series number B884 Control symbol N235839
Contents date range 1939 - 1948 Access status Not yet examined Location Canberra (Barcode 5566475)

In April 1953 Katherine and Wilfred visited England and gave an address c/o Payne, 5 Mount Pleasant, Oxton, Birkenhead. Wilfred returned to Australia in September but Katherine did not return until December. Wilfred Cranswick appeared in the local papers in Australia a few times. If you Google "Wilfred Cranswick" with quotation marks you'll see the entries. This Wilfred Cranswick was consistently shown as being born in 1893. In the two censuses before WW1 there appears to be only one Wilfred Cranswick who was old enough to fight in WW1. He was the son of farmer and had been born at Hunmanby, East Yorkshire in 1893 (RG13/4526 folio 14 page 20). When he was 18 years old he was employed as an apprentice at a wool warehouse in Bradford. There is only one Medal Rolls Index card in that name for WW1 and that was for Wilfred Cranswick who served in the (Queen's Own) Yorkshire Dragoons. Although not born in Australia, it would be wrong to dismiss this man without further research.

For a war history of the Yorkshire Dragoons, see:'s_Own_Yorkshire_Dragoons

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