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TRhe following Cricket Match report reveals that a least 4 of the Cranswick brothers are in NZ in March 1914, either Donald didnt play cricket or hadnt arrived in NZ at this time
Poverty Bay Herald,   28th March 1914
On Saturday last the Doonholme (Tolaga. County) cricket team tried conclusions with the local eleven for the Taylor Shield, of which Tokomaru wave, and are still, the holders. (snip)
Following are the scores:
Tokomaru Bay;- 
Keane,         c. Reeves,       b E. Cranswick.       8: 
W. Oates,      b Beeves,                              8 
J; Coombe,     c Turner,        b  K. Cranswick,     22
J  Oates.      c Cranswick,     b  Reeves,           1; 
G. Oates,      Ibw.             b  E. Cranswick.     14; 
S. Mill,                        b. J. Cranswick,     10; 
Tier,                           run out,             12; 
Capt. Plummer, c. J. Cranswick, b. M. Cranswick,      9; 
Parlane,                           not out,           6 
Fairly,                   c and b. Reeves,            3 
N. Oates,                       b  E. Cranswick,      1; 
Bowling analysis: E. Cranswick, 17 overs, 1 maiden, 72 runs, 3 wickets; 

W. Reeves,                      c, and b O. G Oates, 22; 
T. Cranswick,                   b W. Oates,           4; 
J. Turner. 1) Coombe, 13; 
A. Cranswick,                   b O. Oates,          21; 
J. Reeves,                      b C. Oates.           0; 
Loffler.                        b W. Oates,           5; 
E. Cranswick,    c Parlane.     b G. Oates.           1; 
H. Thomas,       c W. Oates,    b O. Oates,           0; 
Miller,          c O. Oates,    b G. Oates,           2; 
J. Cranswick,                  run out,               0; 
A. Bartram,                    out out,              10; 

NZEF Roll 1914
11/1252  Trooper  Cranswick, Edwin, single,                   
         Fifth Wellington Mounter rifles,  Doonholm Station, Tolaga Bay
         Mr. J. Cranswick (father)  Field House, Hunmanby, Yorks

Medical History Examined 10th October 1915 Cranswick, Edwin
Born;       Yorkshire England, 
Age;        29yrs 4 months
Occupation; Farmer
Height;     5ft 9 inches;  Weight 144 lbs
Chest;      min 36in. Max 38 in.
Marks;      Mole on right Breast
Enlisted;   13th July 1915 at Trentham
Joined on enlisment;   Otago Infantry 13th Feb 1915
Transfered to ;        W M R Brigade  5th ;
                  reg no. 11/1252   14th march 1915

Dominion,   12th January 1916
Hospital and Progress Report
Following is a list of men who were admitted to Pout de Koubbeh Hospital, Cairo, on January 7th.
Wellington Mounted Rifles Cranswick, Tpr. Edwin (No.11/1252.
Next of Kin, Mr. J. Cranswick, Field House, Hunmanby, Yorks, Father (Jaundice)

New Zealand Times,  15th September 1916
4th August; Wounded; remaining with unit
Cranswick, Edwin, 11/1252 Trouper
(J. Cranswick, Field House, Hunmanby, Yorks, England, Father)

New Zealand Times,  31st March 1919
Due in Auckland August 6th
Cranswick, E., 11/1252 L.Sgt.., England

sheet 2

   Edwin Cranswick  5th child of Charlotte Lowson and John Cranswick
   b.08may1885  Hunmanby, Yorkshire UK
   d.26apr1970  Whakatane, NZ
   m. 4th May 1920 at Kowhai Tops, the residence of Mr O E. Bartram, Tolaga Bay
   Hazel mary 
   Bartram       2nd  dau of Elizabeth Orr and Owen edwin Bartram,
   b.25sep1896    NZ
   d.20may1993    NZ
   Patricia                  John                    Ann
   |                         owen                    beverley     
   b.09feb1921               b.07apr1922             b.16dec1929
   d. 2005                   d.2004                  d.18apr2015
   |                         |                       |
   m. 18th May 1943,         m.about 1960            m.about 1960
   |                         |                       |     
   Nelson mcrae              Alice                   John william
   mcrae                     irene                   J.  (Bill)
   Spratt                    ?                       Rutherford    
   b.02oct1914               b.                      b.
   d.1993                    d.                      d.

Poverty Bay Herald,   7th May 1920
Kowhai Tops, the residence of Mr O E. Bartram, at Tolaga Bay, was the scene of a very pretty wedding on Tuesday last, when Miss Hazel Mary Bartram, the second daughter of Mr and Mrs O. E. Bartram, was united in the bonds of holy matrimony to Mr Edwin Cranswick, of Opotiki. The service was conducted in a marquee erected in the spacious grounds in which the home is situated. The bride, who was given away by her father, was attired in a charming dress of shell pink silk net over satin. Her veil was secured with a silver baud and orange blossom, and she carried a beautiful bouquet of white chrysanthemums and asparagus fern.
The chief bridesmaid was Miss K. Bartram, sister of the bride, who wore a pretty dress of pale salmon pink crepe-de-chine, with copper red chinilo trimmings, a black tulle hat with wreath of pale pink flowers, and carried a bouqeut of copper red zinnias and pale pink antirrihiriums and asparagurs fern.
The mother of the bride was attired in a dress of navy blue charmeuso and ninnon, with a black punne hat.
The officiating clergyman was the Rev. E.' A. McCutcheon, of Tolaga Bay. Refreshments wore partaken of - on the lawn in front of tho house, after the ceremony. The happy couple, who were the recipients of many valuable and useful presents, including a number of cheques, left during the afternoon for their new home, near Opotiki, by car, via Gisborne and Motu. The bride's travelling dress was a grey costume, together with grey felt hat with Oriental trimmings.

sheet 3

New Zealand Herald,   7th July 1928
The New Zealand loan and Mercantile company, Limited, report as follows;
We conducted the first annual dispersal sale of pedigree Jersey Bulls on behalf of Messrs. Boon Bros. Whakatane, on Wednesday. Buyers were present from all parts of the Bay of Plenty and a number of Opotiki farmers were present.
Yearling Bulls offered were keenly compeated for.
The top price of the day was 82 gns., piad by mr. C. Gordon, of Optiki.
Other Opotiki Buyers were:- (snip)
Mr. E. Cranswick, of Nukuhou North, Raupo Commander -26gns.

New Zealand Herald,   19th October 1928
MAN;- Machine Milking, General Farm Work,
2 week. found; only good man apply.
E. Cranswick; Nukuhou North, Bay of Plenty.

New Zealand Herald,   29th January 1937
Miss R. Bartram, of Tolaga Bay is visiting Mrs. Cranswick, Nukuhou North.

New Zealand Herald,   23rd February 1939
Mrs. E. Cranswick, Nukuhou North, has returned from a holiday spent in Gisborne.

S.S. Awatea, Departing Auckland 12 March 1940 for Sydney
Passenger List, Tourist Class
CRANSWICK, Mrs, Hazel    44       D.D.
CRANSWICK, Mr.  Edwin    54       Farmer 

Bay of Plenty Beacon,   17th April 1940
Mr. and Mrs. E. Cranswick, Nukuhou North, have returned home from a holiday spent in Australia.

sheet 3
Voters list
1919 Bay of Plenty
Hazel mary     Bartram, Tolaga Bay, Spinster
Kathleen jean  Bartram, Tolaga Bay, Spinster
Owen edwin     Bartram, Wigan, Farmer
Elizabeth orr  Bartram, Wigan, married

1920 Edwin Cranswick married Hazel mary Batram

1923 Waimana, Auckland,  Directory
Crannswick, Edwin, Farmer

1928 Tauranga, Bay of Plenty
Eric       Cranswick,  Nukuhou North, Farmer
Hazel mary Cranswick,  Nukuhou North, married

1935 Tauranga, Bay of Plenty

1938 Bay of Plenty, Bay of Plenty
Edwin      Cranswick, Nukuhou North, Farmer
Hazel mary Cranswick, Nukuhou north, married

1941 Wellington
The undermentioned to be Leiutenants (temp) and are to be posted to Whakatane Battalion
1st august 1941
Eric Cranswick

1943 eldest dau. Patricia Cranswick (a nurse) married Nelson mcrae Spratt

1946 Bay of Plenty, Bay of Plenty
Edwin      Cranswick, Nukuhou North, Farmer
Hazel mary Cranswick, Nukuhou North, married
1946 Tauranga, Bay of Plenty
Patricia     Spratt, Te Puke, Married
Nelson McRae Spratt, Te Puke, Farmer

1949 Bay of Plenty, Bay of Plenty
Edwin      Cranswick, Nukuhou North, Farmer
Hazel mary Cranswick, Nukuhou North, married
John owen  Cranswick, Nukuhou North, Share Milker
1949 Franklin, Auckland,
Ann Berverly Cranswick, Ardmore College, Spinster
1949 Tauranga, Bay of Plenty
Patricia     Spratt, Te Puke, Married
Nelson mcrae Spratt, Te Puke, Farmer

1954 Bay of Plenty
Edwin         Cranswick, Ohope, Farmer
Hazel mary    Cranswick, Ohope, married
ann berverley Cranswick, Ohope, spinster
John owen     Cranswick, Nukuhou North, Share Milker

1957 Bay of Plenty, Bay of Plenty
Edwin         Cranswick, Ohope, Farmer
Hazel mary    Cranswick, Ohope, married
Ann berverley Cranswick, Ohope, spinster
John owen     Cranswick, Nukuhou North, Share Milker

1963 Bay of Plenty, Bay of Plenty
Edwin      Cranswick, 160 Pohutukawa Avenue, Ohope, retired
Hazel mary Cranswick, 160 Pohutukawa Avenue, Ohope, married
Owen john   Cranswick, Nukuhou North, Farmer
Alice irene Cranswick, Nukuhou North, married
Ann beverley Rutherford, 25 Hinemoa Street, Whakatane, married
John W. J.   Rutherford, 25 Hinemoa Street, Whakatane, Manager

1969 Bay of Plenty, Bay of Plenty

1972 Bay of Plenty, Bay of Plenty

1978 East Cape,    Bay of Plenty

1981 Bay of Plenty
Ann beverley Rutherford, 25 Hinemoa Street, Whakatane, Teacher Aid
John W. J.   Rutherford, 25 Hinemoa Street, Whakatane, Grocer

sheet 4

Bay of Plenty Beacon,   7th May 1943
A most pleasant flag 500 evening was given by Mr and Mrs Jerram Nukuhou North, last Saturday to Miss Patricia Cranswick, who is to be married shortly.
The lounge and breakfast room were decorated with bowls of autumn foliage and flowers and fires burned brightly in the grates.
Mrs Jerram received her guests wearing a smart striped frock in shades of clover and black. Miss Cranswick was most attractive, in a pretty pale green frock and coatee to match. All present spent several enjoyable hours playing cards, the winners being Mr and Mrs C. Ryan, Miss M. Ryan and Mr Cranswick. Mrs Jerram and Mrs King played accompaniments for community singing.

A dainty supper was enjoyed, by all, during which the usual toasts were duly honoured. Mr Jerrant called on Mr Woolfield to propose a toast to the guest of the evening, the speaker wishing Miss Cranswick a every happiness and good health in her future life.
Miss Cranswick. thanked Mr Jerram and Mr Woolfield for good wishes and also Mr and Mrs Jerram for the lovely evening tended her. Mr Jerram presented the guest of honour with a cheque from all present: said she would purchase something with it to remind her of the people of Nukuhou North, and wished her the very best in the future. Miss Cranswick in her happy way thanked all for the gift which was greatly appreciated.
A social half hour followed, and the singing of "Auld Lang Syne'* closed a pleasant evening.

Among those present were Mr and Mrs Jerram; Mr and Mrs Cranswick; Mr and Mrs C. Ryan; Mr and Mrs Axtens; Mrs Miller; Mr and Mrs Burnett; Mr and Mrs De Latour; Mr and Mrs King; Mr and Mrs Croft; Mr and Mrs Sterling: Mr and Mrs Macdonald; Mrs J. Ruff; Mr and Mrs Woolfield.

Misses P. Cranswick; A. Burnett; K. Doran; M. Woolfield; F. Woolfield; M. Ryan; M. McLean; Messrs D. Woolfield: T. Doran; A. K. Bell; B. Burnett and A. Eagle.

sheet 5
Bay of Plenty Beacon,   18th May 1943
The gift evening held in the Waimana Hall recently for Miss Cranswick was most popular, the guest is to be married shortly. The dance music was supplied by Mr and Mrs King, Mr A, Wardlaw, G. Wardlaw and Mr R. Burnett. The duties of M.C. was carried out by Mr King. The novelty dances Avere very popular. The lucky Gay Gordons was won by Miss; Cranswick and Mr Spratt. The Monte Carlos were won by Mr and Mrs J, Wardlaw, Mr F. Sterling and Mrs W. Ball.

Miss Cranswick was attired in a pretty pale pink embroidered Swiss organdie, and was presented with a pink and. blue posy as she entered the hall.

After supper had been served, Mr J. L. Burnett in a happy speech, asked the guest of honour to come forward and accept the many and beautiful gifts from all present, with their best wishes for her future life. Mr Spratt on behalf of Miss Cranswick, thanked Mr Burnett and all for the very pleasant evening given them, and also the beautiful gifts which were greatly appreciated, All joined in singing For They Are Jolly Good Fellows, dancing continued until a late hour, when the National Anthem closed the evening.

Bay of Plenty Beacon,   1st June 1943
A very pretty wedding of wide interest was celebrated at. the Waimana Church on May 18, when Patricia, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs E. Cranswick, Nukuhou North, was united in matrimony to Nelson McRae, son of Mr and Mrs G. P. Spratt, Te Puke. The. Rev. Salt of Opotiki officiated.

The bride entered the church on the arm of her father who gave her away. She wore a charming bridal gown of white taffeta, fashioned with a very full skirt, which formed a train. The bodice was gathered softly down the front from a round neck-line. The bodice, and sleeves were beautifully embroidered with lace. Her full veil which was daintily scaloped and cmbroided in silk, and fell in graceful folds from a coronet of orange blossoms. The bride also wore silver shoes and a pearl necklet and carried a beautiful bouquet of white roses, chrysanthemums and fern.

She was attended by two bridesmaids, Miss Brenda Cranswick (Gisborne) a cousin, who wore a becoming frock of Princess Mary blue taffeta, fashioned with a full skirt, the bodice of which was daintily appliqued with pretty pink taffeta as were also the sleeves. Silver shoes were worn, and she carried a dainty bouquet of rose buds, pink flowers and fern.
Miss Ann Cranswick, sister of the bride, wore a similar frock fashioned with a full skirt., the bodice being of pale pink silk net. A pretty bouquet was carried being of roses, and matching pink flowers. Mr Ian Spratt attended as best man and Mr Neville Wickham, as groomsman. The wedding music was played by Miss P. McConnell.
The church was artistically decorated by friends of the bride, while a white wedding bell held pride of place suspended above the bridal party. The reception was held in the Waimana Hall where about 120 guests were received by Mr and Mrs Cranswick, assisted by Mr and Mrs G. P. Spratt.

Mrs Cranswick was attired in a smart teal green costume, with liat and shoes to tone and carried a bouquet of autumn tints and fern. Mrs Spratt, mother of the bridegroom, wore an airforce blue frock with coat, and hat to match, and carried a posy of roses and fern.
Mrs J Bartram of Gisborne, grandmother of the bride, wore a smart suit of black and hat of black.

Mr J. L. Burnett officiated as toast master at the breakfast and the usual toasts were honoured. The beautiful three tired cake, was made by the bride's mother and iced. by Mrs Woolfield. The tables were nicely decorated with silver and crystal vases of dainty pink and blue flowers. The best man read a number of congratulatory telegrams.

Mr and Mrs N. MeRae Spratt left later by car on an extended tour, the bride travelling in a smart grey checked suit, with hat and accessories to match.

Among relatives present were Mr and Mrs O. E. Bartram, Gisborne; Mrs Alan Cranswick, Tolaga Bay; Mrs A. E. Spratt and daughters, Te Puke; Mr and Mrs Gordan Spratt Pongakawa; Captain and Mrs Pother, Te Puke; Mrs H. Caldwell, Waiuku; Mrs Palmer, Auckland; Mrs Harding, Auckland; Mr J. Reid, Opotiki; Miss Harding, Auckland; Miss J. Bartram and Miss H. Bartram, Gisborne; Miss Caldwell, Gisborne; Miss Reid, Opotiki.

sheet 6


New Zealand Herald,   20th April 2015
RUTHERFORD, Ann Beverley (Ann) (nee Cranswick)
On Saturday 18th April 2015, suddenly, but peacefully at Whakatane Hospital; in her 86th year. Dearly loved wife and mate of Bill. Awesome mother and mother in-law of Peter and Lorene, Steven and Michele, Judith and Stuart. Adored grandma of James (UK), Cameron, Luke, Ben, Eve and Luke.

"Thank you for the love, inspiration and encouragement you have given us. You have blessed us with wonderful memories."
A celebration of Ann's life will be held in the Chapel of Willetts Funeral Services Ltd, 21 King Street, Whakatane on Tuesday 21st April at 11am followed by a private cremation.
In lieu of flowers donations would be appreciated to EBOP Hospice, PO Box 275, Whakatane or maybe left at the service.
Communications please to the Rutherford Family, C/- PO Box 2070, Whakatane.


Place of Burial: Hillcrest Cemetery, Whakatane, Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand

died April 26, 1970,
aged 85 years
11/1252 Sgt. Wgtn Mounted Rifles RSA Block X plot 246

Hazel mary Cranswick
born 25 September 1896
Hazel mary Cranswick,
died 20 may 1993
aged 96 years
Mother of Patricia, John Ann New Section ,Lawn, Ashes, p186,
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