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Charles tennyson Cranswick Enlisted for Motor cycle Corp
at Madras 27th Nov 1914

Age ........   32 ..Years ..........Months
Height; ....   5..Feet..... inches
Weight; .....  9 stone .... 2 ...lbs
Chest;         Minimum ..33 ..inches
               Maximum ..35 ..inches
Appearance;    Sallow 

Address  Home  Field House, Hunmanby, Yorshire
         India C/o  Marshall Sars & Co. Ltd
Nest of Kin;   Father, John Cranswick, Field House, 
                              Hunmanby, Yorks

Promotion;    No. 9 Coporal Royal Engineers    
                           27th Nov. 1914

John       Cranswick, Farmer,  Field House
Charlotte  Cranswick           Hunmanby, Yorks

LONDON GAZETE 8th Jan 1916 
Corp of Royal Engineers.
The undermentioned to be temporary Second Leiutenants:-
Dated 9th January 1916
Charles Tennnyson Cranswick

1918 New Years honours
Militery Cross
Tmp Lt. Charles Tennyson Cranswick, Royal Engineers

WW1 Medical Cards

Medical card1

Medical card2

Andrew's Newpaper Index Cards
On September 3rd 1940 at Nakuru, Kenya,
Charles Tennyson Cranswick, M.C.,
to Marjorie Gaudern Chadwick
(Formerly of Leeds).

On August 4th 1941 at Nakuru, Kenya.
To Marjorie Gaudern (nee Chadwick)
wife of Charles T. CRANSWICK
- A Daughter.

On February 16th 1945, at Nakuru, Kenya.
To Marjorie (nee Chadwick), wife of
Charles Cranswick, - A Daughter

The Official Gazette,   24th November 1953
The Water Ordinace, 1951, Unnamed tributary of Olabanaita River Nakuru District
APPLICATION by C.T. Cranswick of Nakuru for a water permit from an unnamed tributary of the Olabanaita River on L.R. 469/14 for a quantity of 10,000 gallons per day of flood flow for the pulping and washing of Coffee (80 per cent returnable)

The Kenya Gazette,   31st January 1969,
Take notice tht all persons having any claims again the estate of the above named deceased late of "Kisiwa" P O Box 1270, Nakuru, who died on the 21st December 1968 at Nakuru are requested to lodge and prove details thereof with the undersigned on or before 30th March 1969 after which date the Executor will distribute the Estate having regard only to valid claims then notified.
Dated the 15th day of January 1969.
Hamilton Harrison and Matthews,
Advocates for the Executors,
P O Box 30333 Niarobi.

The Kenya Gazette,   30th May 1969,
By Marjorie Gaudern Cranswick of P O Box 1270, Nakuru in Kenya, the widow of the deceased and the Executrix named in his WILL, through Messrs Hamilton Harrison & Matthews, Advocates, of Niarobi, for a grant of Probate of the WILL of Charles Tennyson Cranswick of Nakuru aforsaid who died at Nakuru on the 21st day of December 1968.

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