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Driffield Times East, 6th November 1915
Sydney Cranswick, 7th Yorkshires ; Lient.
Chas, Cranswick, formerly in India;
Trooper Alan Cranswick, in France;
Trooper Wilfred Cranswick, in France;
Trooper Edwin Cranswick, New Zealand (Dardanelles);
Trooper Thos. Bertram Cranswick, New Zealand (D)

NZEF Roll 1914
10/2905  Private  Cranswick, Alan, single, Doonholm, Tolaga Bay
         Seventh Wellington Infantry Batalion, 
         Mrs. C. Cranswick (mother) Field House, Hunmanby, Yorks

10/2906  Private  Cranswick, Jack, single, Doonholm, Tolaga Bay
         Seventh Wellington Infantry Batalion, 
         Mr. j. Cranswick (father) Field House, Hunmanby, Yorks
11/1252  Trooper  Cranswick, Edwin, single,                   
         Fifth Wellington Mounter rifles,  Doonholm Station, Tolaga Bay
         Mr. J. Cranswick (father)  Field House, Hunmanby, Yorks

10/2564  Private Cranswick, Thomas Bertram, single, Waitama Valley, Gisbourne
         Sixth Wellington Infantry Batalion, 
          Mr. J. Cranswick (father)  Field House, Hunmanby, Yorks

1916 ROLL
32139     Rifleman Cranswick, Donald, Station Hand 
          Mrs C. Cranswick, (mother)  Field House, Hunmanby, Yorks


LONDON GAZETE 8th Jan 1916 
Corp of Royal Engineers.
The undermentioned to be temporary Second Leiutenants:-
Dated 9th January 1916
Charles Tennnyson Cranswick

1918 New Years honours
Militery Cross
Tmp Lt. Charles Tennyson Cranswick, Royal Engineers

Poverty Bay Herald,   12th June 1915
Seventh Reinforcements
Gisbourne's Quota
Gisborne's draft of the 7th Reinforcements leave for Trentham to-morrow night.
Forty meu are now; included in the draft, the number of infantry being increased from 23 to 26.
Trooper G. S. France, who is going as a specialist, will be in charge of the mounteds, and Corporal G. I. Parker will be in charge of the infantry.
The final list of men leaving to-morrow night is as follows:
INFANTRY. (snip)...
Cranswick, Jack, station hand, C/o J. Harding, Tolaga Bay.
Cranswick, Alan, station hand, Tolaga

New Zealand Times, 15th September 1916
4th august; Wounded; remaining with unit
Cranswick, Edwin, 11/1252 Trouper
(J. Cranswick, Field House, Hunmanby, Yorks, England, Father)

Poverty Bay Herald, 22nd July 1916
19th Reinforcements
Gisborne's Quota, Infantry
Cranswick D. shepherd, Talonga Bay

New Zealand Times, 20th November 1916
Invalided Soliers returning from the Front on Hospital Ship Maheno bound for Wellington.
Wellington Infantry Battalion;
10/2905 Private Cranswick, Alan, Farm labourer, Talonga Bay
(Mrs. C. Cranswick, Field House, Hunmanby, Yorshire, England)

Timaru Herald 21st June 1917
Casualty List, Killed in Action
June 3rd-9th Cranswick, Thos. B. (Yorkshire)
North Otago Times 21st June 1917
Roll of Honour
Cranswick, Thos. Bertram (John Cranswick, Yorkjshire, Father)

Private 10/2564
Thomas Bertam Cranswick aged 29
Died Messines Ridge
Wellington Regiment, N.Z.E.F.

Otago Daily Times 20th October 1917 Roll of Honour, wounded
Canterbury Infantry (4th October) CRanswick, Donald (Mrs C. Cranswick, England, Mother)
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