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1881 census
Source:	       PRO Ref RG11    Piece 4797    Folio 27    Page 13
Place:	       Burton Agnes, York, England
Dwelling:      Schedule 7 

John      CRANSWICK   head  M    27   Farmer Of 290 Acres 8 Men   Rudston
Charlotte CRANSWICK   wife  M    25   Farmers wife                Bridlington Quay
Ernest J. CRANSWICK    son       10 m	                          Burton Agnes

Mary      HOTHAM      serv  U    16   Gen. Serv Domestic          Tibthorpe
Elizabeth A. CLARKSON serv  U    14   nursemaid                   Muston
James HEALEY          Serv  W    43   Farm serv indoor            Conningsby, Lincoln
Thomas SELLERS	      serv  U    22   Sheepard                    Humnanby

1891 census         
source               RG12; Piece: 3961; Folio: 27; Page: 18/19
place                Hunmanby
Dwelling             Schedule 123, Field House  
John       Cranswick 	37  Farmer            Rudstone
Charlotte  Cranswick 	35                    Bridlington Quay
Ernest J   Cranswick 	10  Scholar           Hunmanby  
Edith E    Cranswick 	9  Scholar            Hunmanby  
Sydney     Cranswick 	8  Scholar            Hunmanby  
Charles T  Cranswick 	7  Scholar            Hunmanby  
Edwin      Cranswick 	6  Scholar            Hunmanby  
Thomas B   Cranswick 	3                     Hunmanby  
Olive H    Cranswick 	2                     Hunmanby  
Alan       Cranswick 	10/12                 Hunmanby

Mary     Forster    30  Mothers helper
Annie    Ibbotson   23  House maid
Mary Ann Burt       17  Domestic
Fred     Southwick  18  Groom
John T   Stephenson 19  Milkman

1901 census
source                 RG13; Piece: 4526; Folio: 14; Page: 19/20
place                  Hunmanby
dwelling               schedule 115, Field House  

John        Cranswick    47                               Rudston
Charlotte   Cranswick    45                               Bridlington
Edith E     Cranswick    19
Sydney      Cranswick    18  Bank Clerk
Edwin       Cranswick    16
Alan        Cranswick    11
Vera        Cranswick    10
Wilfred     Cranswick     8
Jack        Cranswick     7                             Hunmanby
Donald      Ganswick*     5                              Hunmanby
Eric        Cranswick     3                               Hunmanby
Jessamine   Cranswick     10 months 

Gertrude  Dearman    21   Mothers Helper
Mary      Appleby    22   House Maid
Minnie    Mowthorpe  19   Kitchen Maid
Fred      Gibson     27   Yardman Ag
William   West       18   Groom

1901 census
source               RG13; Piece: 657; Folio: 174; Page: 20
place                London Wimbledon 
dwelling             schedule 78, 5 Lansdown Road, Predale? School for Girls

Olive H Cranswick            12   boarding school?                 Hunmanby

1911 census
source              RG14; Piece: 28909, district 526 ed1
place               Hunmanby
dwelling            Field House 

John             Cranswick  head  m  57    Farmer              Rudstone
Charlotte        Cranswick  wife  m  55                        Bridlington
Ernest John      Cranswick  son      30   Invalid              Burton Agnes
Olive Harriet    Cranswick  dau      22   Dairy work           Hunmanby
Alan             Cranswick  son      20   Assisting Farm       Hunmanby
Vera             Cranswick  dau      19   Dairy work           Hunmanby
Jack             Cranswick  son      16   Assisting Farm       Hunmanby
Eric             Cranswick  son      13   School               Hunmanby
Jessamine Audrey Cranswick  dau      10   School               Hunmanby

Laura        Hall     29  Dressmaker
Mancy        Taylor   29  Nurse
Mand       Binnington 20  House maid
Alice     Stephenson  16  Kitchen maid
James     Mitcalfe    25  Shepherd

1911 census
source           RG14; Piece: 28943, district 527 / 19
place            Scarborough
dwelling         Private School, Oleton House, Filey Road, Scarborough 

Donald Cranswick  boarder  15   Scholar                    Hunmanby

1917 Thomas Bertram Son of John and Charlotte Cranswick, of The Red House, Scalby, Scarborough, England.
Passenger arrival, 22 may 1945 ship Andes
Liverpool from Cape Town, Free town, South Africa
Olive harriet Cranswick aged 56

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