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1881 census
Source:	        PRO Ref RG11    Piece 4800    Folio 58    Page 2
Place:	        Rudston, York, England
Dwelling:       Low Caythorpe

Thomas     CRANSWICK    head  M   59 	 Farmer (1440 Ac) 
                                         Emp 16 Lab 12 Boys         Nafferton
Ann E.     CRANSWICK    wife  M   52                                Hunmanby
Annie      CRANSWICK    dau   U   25                                Rudston
William H. CRANSWICK	son   U   18 	 Farmer's son               Rudston 
Emily      CRANSWICK    dau   U   10     Scholar                    Rudston
Ellen      CRANSWICK	dau   U    7     Scholar                    Rudston

William henry Cranswick married junqt1887 Bridlington to
Jane elizabeth Bourdass

1891 census
source                   RG12; Piece: 3961; Folio: 28; Page: 20       
place                    Hunmanby  
dwelling                 schedule 127, Howe Farm  

William H  Cranswick  head  m  28     Farmer               Rudston
Jane E     Cranswick  wife  m  25                          Bridlington
Ada        Cranswick  dau       1                          Hunmanby
Janet      Greenwood  serv     22  domestic help           Batley       
Emily      Wilson     serv     18                          Nafferton

1901 census
source                   RG13; Piece: 4526; Folio: 13; Page: 17
place                    Humanby
dwelling                 schedule 109, The Howe 

William H  Cranswick  head  m  38   Farmer                   Rudston       
Jane E     Cranswick  wife  m  34                            Bridlington
Ida        Cranswick  dau      11                            Hunmanby
Philip     Cranswick  son       5                            Hunmanby
George A   Cranswick  son       2                            Hunmanby
Charles G   Sugden   boarder   31   Living on own means      Brighouse
Sarah J     Thompson  serv     42   help Domestic            Stockton on Tees
Lucy        Thompson  serv     17   Housemaid                Hunmanby
Frances     Emmerson  serv     18   Kitchen maid             Hunmanby
in 1911 3 turmer Avenue Bridlington
Philip Cranswick aged 15 gson to Mary Bourdass  Engineer;s appentice
 1911 St Winifreds, Kenley, Croydon,Surrey
George Cranswick  aged 12 born Hunmaby, pupil

in sept 1923 Ida Cranswick of 1 & 2 Broad Street, Oxford Hotel Manageress,
emigrated to Toronto Canada
next of kin in uk
Mother mrs.J.E.Cranswick of Broad street, Oxford
over the following years Ida returned several times to Oxford uk
Jane E Cranswick died 1960 Oxford aged 95
Ida died in Oxford uk decqt1992 aged 102
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