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1851 census
source             HO107; Piece: 2367; Folio: 437; Page: 11;
place              Reighton
dwelling           Schedule 43, 

Thomas   Cranswick  m    67   Farmer of 350 Acres emp 6 lab.      Burton Agnes
John     Cranswick  son  23   Farmers Son 
Matthew  Cranswick  son  19   Farmers Son
Henry    Cranswick  son  17   Farmers Son
William  Cranswick  son  12   Farmers Son

John Cranswick married mart1858 Scarborough to Elizabeth Robinson dau of Elizabeth and?

1861 census
source             RG 9; Piece: 3615; Folio: 91; Page: 11
place             Cayton, Filey, Scarborough
dwelling          schedule 62, Cayton Cliff  

John        Cranswick head  m  32   Farmer of 207 Acres   Lowthorpe
Elizabeth   Cranswick wife  m  30                         Falsgrave
Thomas      Cranswick son    10months                     Cayton
Mary Jane   Foote      20    Farm Serv                    Scalby
Elizabeth   Richardson 12    Farm Servant                 Durham                   
Thomas      Simpson    25    Farm Servant                 Maltan
James       Bromley    17    Farm Servant                Gristhorpe
Frankish    Orrah      13    Farm Servant                 Cayton

Burial at St Peters Church Reighton
Elizabeth Cranswick of Grindale, 11th January 1867 aged 39
also Maria Cranswick of Grindale, 15th January aged 5 months

Affectionate Remebrance
wife of
Died January 8th 1867
aged 39 Years

John son of Thomas re-married 25nov1868 at
All Saints, North Street, York to
Jane Marflitt aged 21 daughter of Baker Marflitt witness

1871 census 
source                  RG10; Piece: 4813; Folio: 51; Page: 9; 
place                   Grindale, Hunmanby Bridlington 
dwelling                Schedule 28, Grindale   

John        Cranswick  42     Farmer 350 acres emp 4 men 5 boys      Lowthorpe
Jane        Cranswick  24                                            Ebberstone
Kate        Cranswick   9                                            Cayton
Eliza       Cranswick   7                                            Cayton
John        Cranswick   4                                            Grindale
Dora Ann    Cranswick   1                                            Grindale

John     Sedman     22
Ralph    Witty      19
William  Ashby      19
Peter    Scott      15
Thomas   Marshall   31
John     Nettleton  13
Thomas   Manson     21
Elizth   Matteson   23
Ann      Lunn       18
Esther   Read       12

Frederick Cranswick of Grindale buried 12th May 1874 aged 10 months

1881 census
source                     RG11; Piece: 4800; Folio: 51; Page: 10;      
place                      Grindale, Bridlington  
dwelling                  schedule 12, 

John       Cranswick  head  m 53 Farmer of 348 acres emp 3men 4 boys  Lowthorpe
Jane       Cranswick  wife  m 30                                      Ebbberston
Thomas     Cranswick  son     20                                      Cayton          
Kate       Cranswick  dau     19                                      Cayton
Elizabeth  Cranswick  dau     17                                      Cayton
John       Cranswick  son     14   Scholar                            Grindale
Dora Ann   Cranswick  dau     11   Scholar                            Grindale
Alice Maud Cranswick  dau      9   Scholar                            Grindale
Henry B.   Cranswick  son      7   Scholar                            Grindale
Herbert    Cranswick  son      5   Scholar                            Grindale
Ursula     Cranswick  dau      2                                      Grindale
Emily      Ezard      serv    16
Margt.     Pearson    serv    16

Jane Cranswick buried 12th September 1887 at Grindale. aged 37
Kirby Cranswick Buried 4th October 1886 at Grindale, aged 6 months

1891 census
source                  RG12; Piece: 3961; Folio: 43; Page: 6
place                   Grinsdale, Hunmanby, Bridlington
dwelling                Schedule 1, 

John      Cranswick  head  W  63   Farmer                       Lowthorpe
Elizth    Cranswick  dau      25                                Cayton
John      Cranswick  son      23   Farmers shepherd             Grindale  ***
Dora Ann  Cranswick  dau      21                                Grindale
Ursula    Cranswick  dau      12  Scholar                       Grindale
Fredk     Cranswick  son       9  Scholar                       Grindale
William   Cranswick  son       7  Scholar                       Grindale
Mary Ann  Pearson    serv     17  Gen Serv Domestic             Hunmanby
John Cranswick(snr.) buried 22nd June 1900 Grindale aged 73.

Frederick and John Cranswick (jnr) went to NZ
John married there in 1912

William Cranswick buried 27th Dec 1929 Bridlington aged 46

Waikato Angus,   20th April 1912
WEDDINGS, Cranswick - Brown
On Wednesday, April 17th, a pretty wedding of considerable interest was celebrated in All Saints (Church of England), Matamata, in lovely weather, the contracting parties being Mr J. Cranswick, second son of Mr J. Cranswick, Grindale, Bridlington, Yorks, and Miss Mary Louisa Brown, second daughter of Mr and Mrs B. Brown, old and respected residents of Matamata.
The bridesmaids were Miss Dorothy Wright, of Auckland, and Miss Brown's two nieces, Miss Eunice Mogford and Miss Libbie Simpson. Mr R. Webster acted as groomsman.

The church was very prettily decorated by friends of the bride with white chrysanthemums and white cosmeas, and a large party of friends and well-wishers of the bride and bridegroom assembled to witness the ceremony. Mr P. Ingham presided at the organ.
After the ceremony about 25 guests sat down to a wedding breakfast at Mr Brown's residence. After the usual toasts had been honoured the happy couple left for Rotorua.
The bridegroom's present to the bride was a gold muff chain; to the chief bridesmaid a gold cable bangle, and to the younger bridesmaids a gold brooch each.

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