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   Ann Cranswick 
   m.10jun1807  All Saints, Kilham
   Rev.Thomas rudd
   Ibbotson  Curate of Ruston Parva, Nafferton Hall, Nr. Gt Driffield
   c.10feb1783  Kilham son of Adam and Elizabeth
   Eliza           Anna           John           Henry          William?
   rachael         maria          james          charles 
   b.18mar1808     b.23may1811    |              rudd                   
   c.27mar1808     c.23may1811    c.12mar1813    c.10feb1815    c.26apr1818

25 June, 1840 from Mr. Peppercorn. Declaration of Rev. Thos. Ibbotson identifying the land sold. Rev. Thomas Ibbotson of Nafferton (Wapentake of Dickering), Clerk declare that:- I was well acquainted with Peter Berriman of Kilham, yeoman, who died in 1802 and declare that up to his time of death he was absolute owner of a parcel of land near the beck in the parish of Kilham.

1841 census
source                      HO107, Piece: 1215,  Book: 5,  E.D. 11, Folio: 11, Page: 15, 
place                       Nafferton
dwelling                    Nafferton Hall   

Thomas Ibbotson  55 Clerk            
Ann    Ibbotson  50

1851 Census
source              HO107; Piece: 2366; Folio: 342; Page: 17; 
place               Nafferton
Dwelling            schedule 85, Nafferton Hall, North Street 

Thomas       Ibbotson   head m  68  Vicar of Garton on the Wolds  &     Kilham
                                    Curate of the perpetual Curacies of 
                                    Skearne Lowthorpe and Ruston Parva
Ann          Ibbotson  wife m   60 Or 61                                    Burton Agnes
Eliza Rachel Ibbotson  dau  U   43                                          Nafferton
John         Ibbotson  gson      9       Farmers Son                        Nafferton
Isabella      Jackson  serv     18     House servant                 Garton on the Wolds

1871 Census
source             RG11     
place              Nafferton 
dwelling           The Hall, 

Ann     Ibbotson Head W  80 Schoolmistress    Burton Agnes, Yorkshire  
Eliza R Ibbotson Dau  U  65 Schoolmistress    Nafferton, Yorkshire  
Ann M   Booth     Dau W  59 Schoolmistress    Nafferton, Yorkshire  
Eliza   Bainston Gdau M  27 Teacher           Preston, Lancashire  
Frances Booth    Gdau U  26 Teacher           Preston, Lancashire  
Cathreen Booth   Gdau U  21 Teacher           Preston, Lancashire  
Marion E Booth   Gdau U  20 Teacher           Preston, Lancashire  
Francis W Bainston Grandson 5                Croydon, Surrey]]  
Two servants   
Thirtyone Pupils  


Probate; 21st August 1867,
IBBOTSON; The Reverend Thomas Rudd
Letters of Administration of the Personal Estate and effects of the Reverend Thomas Rudd Ibbotson late of Crakehall in the County of York, Clerk, deceased who died 29th June 1867 at Crakehall aforesaid were granted at the Principle Registry to Ann Ibbotson of Crakehall aforesaid Widow the relict of the said Deceased she having been first Sworn.

Ann Ibbotson died at Nafferton on 13 February 1879 leaving an estate of less than 20. Probate was granted to her daughters and executors, Elizabeth Rachel, spinster and Anna Maria Booth, widow, both of Nafferton on 18th February 1879

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