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possible earlier marriage 30aug1802 at Burton Agnes to
Alice Chew or was this 2nd marriage of his father

John fisrt? Married 12 may 1815 at Nafferton
to Ellen Robson

2nd Marriage 18 may 1823 at Bridlington
to Elizabeth Wilson

1841 census
source           HO107, Piece 1213, Book 5,  E. D. 2; Folio 27, Page 5        
place            Bridlington            
dwelling         High Street             

John       Cranswick  55   Iron Monger
Elizabeth  Cranswick  40
William    Cranswick  30
Edward     Cranswick  10
Emma       Cranswick   8
Eleanor    Cranswick   7
Elizabeth  Cranswick   5
Joseph     Cranswick   1
Ann Paisley           20   Servant
Jane Simpson          14   Servant

Ursula    c.18apr1823, Lowthorpe
Wilson    c.01mar1824, Bridlington
charles   c.27dec1825, Bridlington
Elizabeth c.20apr1829, Bridlington
Emma      c.23dec1832, Bridlington
Eleanor   c.23mar1834, Bridlington
Elizabeth c.20jul1836, Bridlington
Joseph    c.29jul1838, Bridlington

1851 Census   
source             HO107; Piece: 2367; Folio: 192; Page: 7;
place              Bridlington
Dwelling           schedule 30, Bridlington Road 

John       Cranswick  head  m  64   Iron Monger                Burton Agnes
Elizabeth  Cranswick  wife  m  50                              Bempton
Edward     Cranswick  son      20   Chemist                    Bridlington
Emma       Cranswick  dau      18                              Bridlington
Joseph     Cranswick  son      10   scholar
Harry      Cranswick  son       8   scholar
Hephziba   Dixon      serv     20   general servant

1861 census 
Source               RG 9; Piece: 3612; Folio: 117; Page: 18;   
place                Bridlington Quay   
dwelling             schedule 104, Bridlington road  

John       Cranswick head  m  77  Iron Monger                 Burton Agnes
Elizabeth  Cranswick wife  m  60                              Bempton
Eleanor    Cranswick dau   s  27                              Bridlington
Joseph     Cranswick son   s  20  Chemist local Methodist     Bridlington
Jane       Collinson serv     31  House Servant               Bridlington
John died 12 april 1862

1871 census
source                RG10; Piece: 4776; Folio: 31; Page: 7;
place                 Hessle, Sculcoates   
dwelling              schedule 37, 1 Gardners  Terrace,  East gate 

John George    Milner  head  m  33
Emma           Milner  wife  m  38
Edith Wilson   Milner  dau       8
Leanor Blanch  Milner  dau       7
John George    Milner            5
Elizabeth   Cranswick 70     W  70  Wife's Mother 
Mary Murley 17
Eleanor Coulson 18


PROBATE, 8th January 1863 - CRANSWICK, JOHN
The WILL with Codicil of John Cranswick late of Bridlington in the County of York, Iron Monger deceased who died 12th April 1862 at Bridlington aforesaid was Proved at the Principle Registry by Oaths of John Field of Bridlington aforsaid Gentleman and William Cranswick of Bridlington aforesaid Iron Monger the son, the other Executors.
Former Grant Principlr Registry Office 1862.
Effects under 5,000

Affectionate Remembrance


The wife of
of Bridlington
Who died

aged Years


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