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William Cranswick aged 22 married 9th August 1806, at Kilham to
Jane Setterington aged 21, (Licence to Marry issued 8 August 1806)
Gentlemans Magazine, 10th August 1806
Aug.9 At Kilham, Co york.
Mr. William Cranswick, to Miss Jane Setterington, youngest daughter of Mr. Anthony Setterington

  William Cranswick son of Rachael and John Cranswick of Burtoin Agnes, Labourer
  c.24mar1871 Note: this is the same day as his parents married also in Burton Agnes
  m.09aug1806  Kilham
  Settering  youngest dau 
  c.26apr1785, Brompton By Sawdon,York by Mary (Meginson)and Anthony Setterington
  d.29th June 1830 Kilham 
  |                   children christened Kilham
  Anthony           John               William  
  c.19nov1806       c.07sep1808        c.17jul1810
  d.08mar1881       d.                 d.
  |                 |                  |
  m.29sep1836       m.                 m.10oct1836 Kilham
  |                 |                  |  
  Elizabeth         Mary               Mary
  Towse                                Sharp  

William remarried 9th April 1831 to Harriet Wray, at Holy Trinity, Hull

1841 census
source              HO107, Piece 1214; Book 19;  E.D. 9; Folio 9; Page 9;
Place               Kilham
Dwelling            East Street

William   Cranswick   55    FARMER
Harriott  Cranswick   50   (2nd wife)
Rachel    Coates      20   Servant
Mary      Reiley      14   Servant
Matthew   Pearson     16   Servant

sheet 2
to the memory of JANE
who departed this life June 29th
1830 Aged 25 Years

She who sleepeth in this Earth
Thou' many an hour to pain was given
smiled at the hovering dart of death
While hope displayed the hope of Heaven

To the Memory of
of this place and husband
of the above JANE CRANSWICK
who departed of this life 10th
June 1842 aged 56 years.
© Lisa Blosfelds 2015

1851 census
source        HO107; Piece: 2366; Folio: 644; Page: 40; 
place          Kilham
dwelling       schedule  165, East Street

Harriot Cranswick head widow  62  Annuitant            Hull

1861 census
place   Kilham
dwelling        schedule 61, East cottages 

Harriet Cranswick head   widow 73       Annuitant         Hull
Ann     Darling   sister widow 72       Annuitant         Hull   
Emma smith        serv         12       house servant
Harriet Cranswick died decqt1865 Driffield (kilham)

sheet 3

Anthony Cranswick eldest son of William and Jane.

married 1836 Elizabeth Towse

1851 census
source       HO107; Piece: 2367; Folio: 21; Page: 34/35;      
place            Thornholme, Bridlington
dwelling     schedule 15, 

Anthony    Cranswick  head m 44   Farmer of 372 acres emp 9 men     Kilham
William H  Cranswick  son    12   scholar                           Kilham
Robert     Cranswick  son    11   scholar                           Thornholme
Louisa     Cranswick  dau     8   scholar                           Thornholme
Alice E    Cranswick  dau     7   scholar                           Thornholme
John E     Cranswick  son     5   scholar                           Thornholme
Charles J  Cranswick  son     3   scholar                           Thornholme
Robert M Harrison            20
Thomas   Waudby              32
William  Sellers             18
Henry    Rogers              17
Charles  Hutchinson          14
Johnson  Marson              13
Rachel   Davison             23
Mercy    Wood                15

RIP Anthony Cranswick 1806-1881

of Thornholme
who died Marchth  1881
Aged 74 Years

Also of
his daughter
who died December 28th 1844
Aged 3 years
Also of
his son
who died October ~~~ 1858
Aged 12 years

© Lisa Blosfelds 2014

sheet 4
Anthony's eldest son
1901 census
source        RG13; Piece: 4524; Folio: 95; Page: 29
place        Bridlington
dwelling      shedule 210, 2 Cambridge Street, 

William H Cranswick  m 62 retired farmer              thornholme
Mary      Cranswick  m 60                             Kilham
Cranswick - William Henry of Bridlington Quay Yorkshire
died 31st January 1905 at 10 Cambridge Street Bridlington, Yorkshire.
Probate London 1st March to Mary Cranswick widow
Effects 1.984 10s 6d

In Loving Memory
Late of Thornholme
Born 11th September 1838
Died January 31st 1905

Also of MARY
wife of the above
Died December 2nd 1917
Aged 77 years
© Colin Hinson  

sheet 5

John Cranswick 2nd son of William and and Jane

Christened 7th September 18087 Kilham,
son of Jane and William Cranswick.

1861 census
source          RG 9; Piece: 3612; Folio: 28; Page: 28; 
place          Bridlington, Yorks
Dwelling        schedule 165, 93 High Street  

John        Cranswick  head m  52  Liner Draper            Kilham
Mary        Cranswick  wife m  46                          Atwick
William Christh Brown  app.    18  Draper's Apprentice     Burford
James   Moody 	       app.    14  Draper's Apprentice     Rudston
Anne    Dixon 	       niece   13  scholar                 Rudston

In Affectionate Remembrance of
Draper of this place
second son of
William and Jane Cranswick
Late of Kilham
Who died on th 20th of August
1861 aged 52 Years

~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~~
~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~~
Also MARY ~~~
Born ~~~
Died ~~~
© Colin Hinson  

sheet 7

William Cranswick c.17th July 1810 Kilham,

3rd son of William and Jane.
m.10oct1836 Kilham Mary Sharp

1851 census
source           Ho107, piece 2366, Folio 616?  ,  page 11
place            Kilham
dwelling         Schedule 41, Kilham Grange 

William   Cranswick  head  40  Farmer of 420 acres emp 6 lab.
Mary      Cranswick  wife  33 
John      Cranswick   son  12  Scholar 
Alfred    Cranswick   son   9  Scholar 
Henry     Cranswick   son   6  Scholar 
Betsey A. Cranswick   dau   4  at home 
Amelia    Cranswick   dau   2  at home
Henry Carter         serv  22
Joseph Grimshaw      serv  20
George Lamplough     serv  19
Frances Walkington   serv  18
William Drew         serv  12 
David Davcison       serv  18
Fanny Rain           serv  19   house serv
Elizabeth Cross      serv  18   house serv

1861 census
source           RG 9; Piece: 3610; Folio: 41; Page: 1; 
place            Weaverthorpe, Driffield yorks
Dwelling        Schedule 2, Front Street

William Cranswick   head  m  50  Cattle Dealer              Kilham
Mary    Cranswick   wife  m  43                             Kilham
Amelia  Cranswick   dau      12  scholar                    Kilham
Paulina Cranswick   dau       9  scholar                    Kilham
Charles Cranswick   dau       4                             Kilham

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