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The Will of
George Arthur Waddel

late of Whenuapai
died 16th july 1969

This is the paperwriting bearing the date the 19th day of march 1958 now produced and shown to
Joseph Denis Hogan, District Public Trustee for Auckland and refered to in his Affidavit to lead grant of probate to the Public Trustee as sole executor,
SWORN at Auckland this 19th day of August 1969 before me:
A Solicitor of the Supreme Court of New Zealand.

To Jugment against The Public Trustee


This is the last Will and Testiment of me George Arthur Waddel of Whenuapai in the provincial District of Auckland in the dominion of New Zealand, Retired Engineer.

1. I Revoke all WILLS and testimentary dispositions at any time heretofore executed by me and I appoint the Public Trustee of the aforesaid dominion (herein after refered to as "my Trustee") to be the executor and trustee of this my WILL.

2. I give and bequeath all motor cars owned by me at my death and all my plate and plated goods linen china glass books prints pictures funiture and any other articles of houshold use or orniment owned by me at my death and also all my articles of personal wear use or adonment (including my jewellry and watches) owned by me at my death to my wife Margaret Edna Waddel
But should she predecease me, to such of my children (other than my son Edward George Arthur Waddel and my daughter Melva june Hall) as survive me, and if there be more than one in equal shares the equal devision to be as they shall mutually agree and failing agreement as my trustee in his sole descretion shall decide.

3. I GIVE AND DEVISE my land and dwelling house situated in Totara Road,Whenuapai owned by me at the date of this WILL (hereinafter referred to as "my said dwellinghouse") to my Trustee to be held by him upon trusts following, Namely:-

4. I GIVE DEVISE AND BEQUEATH the whole of my Estate both real and personal of whatsoever nature and description and wheresoever situate not herein before otherwise disposed of unto my Trustee UPON TRUST to pay thereout my just debts funeral and testermentary expences and all death duties payable in respect of my dutyable estate and to hold the residue for my said wife Margaret Edna Waddel but should she predecease me for such of my children ( other than the said Edward George Arthur Waddel and Melva June Hall ) as survive me and if more than one in equall shares.

5. I DIRECT that the powers conferred on my trustee by paragraph numbered 6 of this my WILL shall extend and apply to the assets devised and bequeathed by the paragraphs numbered 2 and 3 of this my WILL and may be exercised in respect of such assets with written concent of my said wife if she is alive and after her death at my Trustee's descretion.

6. I AUTHORISE my Trustee in the administration of the Trusts of this my WILL to exercise the following powers and authorities or any of them namely:-

AS WITNESS my hand 19th day of march One thousand nine hunred and fifty eight.

SIGNED by the above named
as and for his last WILL in the presence of us both present at the same time who in her presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto suscribed our names as Witneses:-

I Margaret Edna Waddel of Whenuapai in New Zealand widow
Make Oath and say as follows:-
1. That I knew GEORGE ARTHUR WADDEL of Whenuapai in New Zealand retired engineer now deceased, when alive and that the said deceased as resident or domicile at Whenuapai.

2. That the said deceased died at Whenuapai on or about the 16th day of july 1969 as I am able to depose from having seen his dead body.
Sworn at NEW LYNN

on this 23rd day of July 1969

before me:-
A solicitor of the Supream Court of New Zealand

In The SUPREME COURT of Zew Zealand
Northern District, Auckland Registry

of Family Protection Act 1955 and its admendments
of the Estate of GEORGE ARTHUR WADDEL of Auckland pensioner deceased

The PUBLIC TRUSTEE as Executor of the WILL of
GEORGE ARTHUR WADDEL late of Auckland, pensioner deceased.

Before the Honorable Mr. Justice Henry
Wednesday the 22nd day of September 1971:

UPON READING the originating summons seeking further provision from the Estate of George Arthur Waddel deceased taken out by the plaintiff herein and upon reading the affidavits filed herein and
Mr. M.D. Edwards of council for the plaintiff;
Mr. H.T.D. Knight of council for Paul Maxwell Waddel an infant child of the deceased;
Mr.R.S. Saunders of council for GlenArthur Hall, Shane Brian Hall, and Coral Yvonne Hall the infant grandchildren of the deceased; and
Mr. G.J. Jamieso of council for the defendant;
and it appearing that further provision ought to be made for the Plaintiff out of the Estate of the Deceased

By The Court, G.B.Cooper Deputy Registrar,

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