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The Will of
Ann Eliza Waddel

died 14th November 1925
late of Te Aroha

This is the type written document bearing the date the 15th day of August one thousand nine hundred and tweny three produced and shown to and mentioned and refered to in the Affidavit of George Waddel,
Sworn this 17th day of November one thousand nine hundred and twenty five at Te Aroha before me:-
A solicitor of the Supream Court of New Zealand

I   ANN ELIZA WADDEL of Te Aroha in the provincial District of Auckland in New Zealand , Married woman DECLARE that this to be my last WILL
I GIVE DEVISE AND BEQUEATH all my Estate real and personal unto
my husband George Waddel of TE Aroha aforsaid baker.
AND I APPOINT the said George Waddel to be the sole Executor of this my WILL.

IN WITNESS whereof I have hearunto subscribed my name this Fifteenth day of August One thousand none hundred and twenty three.---

SIGNED by the above named ANN ELIZA WADDEL
as and for her last WILL in the presence of us both present
at the same time who in her presence and in the presence of
each other have hereunto suscribed our names as Witneses:-


STAMP DUTY OFFICE 1st Febuary 1926
Re the Estate of Ann Eliza Waddel deceased, (Court No.2950)
It is hearby certified that the net amount on which the sealing fee on Probate is payable to the Supreme Court in the above estate is:-

AFFIDAVIT in the Supreme Court of New Zealand, Hamilton District

In the Estate of Ann Eliza Waddel of Te Aroha,
Married woman Deceased....................

I   George Waddel of Te Aroha in New Zealand Baker
make Oath and say as follows:-

Before me

A Solicitor of the Supreme Court of New Zealand

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