The Will of
Joseph Roberts

of the city of Wakefield
died 25th Day of May
at Wakefield
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   This is the last WILL and Testiment of me
02/ Joseph Roberts   of Wakefield in the County of York, Gentleman.
03/ I Give Devise and Bequeath All my real and personal Estate whatesoever 04/ except estates vested in me as Trustee or Mortgagee unto my Nephew 05/ George Henry Roberts of Wakefield aforesaid Market Gardener, my friend 06/ John Scott of Wakefield aforsaid Gentleman and my brother in law 06/ John Bedford Boston of Beauchieff Glen Sheffield in the said County of York 07/ Gentlemaan, their Heirs Executors Administators and Assigns upon Trust to 08/ sell and convert the same into money so far as it shall be nessessary for the 09/ purpose of paying the debts Funeral and Testimentry expences and the 10/ Legacies hereinafter mentioned.
I Give and Bequeath the following legacies 11/ namely;
To my niece May Ann Taylor the sum of one thousand pounds.
To 12/ my niece Martha wife of John Hawley the sum of one thousand pounds.
13/ To my nephew Joseph Taylor the sum of seven hundred pounds.
To Sarah 14/ Hannah Taylor, John Roberts Taylor and Elizabeth Taylor the three 15/ children of my said nephew Joseph Taylor the sum of one hundred pounds each.
To 16/ my nephew Alfred Taylor the sum of one thousand pounds and
To my nephew 17/ George Roberts Taylor the sum of one thousand pounds.
I Bequeath the sum 18/ of one thousand pounds to be equaly divided amongst the six children of 19/ my late nephew William Taylor, namely Charles arthur Taylor, Jervis 20/ Roberts Taylor, Sarah Elizabeth Taylor, Thomas Henry Taylor, Kate Taylor 21/ and Jane Taylor.
I Give and Bequeath the following legacies namely the 22/ sum of one thousand pounds.
To my nephew Joe Sugden Roberts the sum of 23/ one thousand pounds,
To my nephew the said George Henry Roberts the sum 24/ of one thousand pounds.
To my nephew Edward Roberts and
To Blanche 25/ Vine and Alice Vine the two childrn of my late niece Mary Ann Vine 26/ the sum of one thousand pound to be equally devided between them.
27/ I Give and Bequeath to each of my executors the said George Henry Roberts, 28/ John Scott and John Bedford Beston the sum of fifty pound if they shall 29/ act in the Execution of the Trusts of this my WILL.
I Give and Bequeath 30/ the sum of fifty pounds unto Thomas Roberts of Wakefield Gardener in the 31/ employ of my nephew George Henry Roberts.
I Give and Bequeath the sum 32/ one hundred pound unto Jane the widow of my late brother Jervice 33/ Roberts.
I Give and Bequeath the sum of one hundred pounds to Annie 34/ Taylor the widow of my late nephew William Taylor.
I Give and sheet 2 01/ Bequeath the sum of one hundred pounds to my house keeper Mary Ann 02/ Taylor.
I Give and Bequeath unto my niece Martha Hawley the sum of one 03/ hundred pounds .
I Give and Bequeath to the treasurer for the time being of 04/ the Clayton Hospital at Wakefield aforesaid the sum of one hundred pounds 05/ to be applied to the purposes of that institution such lagacy to be paid out of 06/ such part of my personal estate as the law permits to be appropriate by 07/ will to charitable purposes.
And I Direct that all legacies bequeath by this 08/ my Will shall be paid at the expiration of twelve calander months after my 09/ decease free of legacy duty or any other duty.
Provided always And I 10/hereby Declare that if any of the children of my late sister Sarah Taylor 11/ or my late nephew William Taylor or of my said niece May Ann Vine or of 12/ my said late brother Javis Roberts shall died in my life time having issue 13/ such issue shall take the legacy which their parents would have been entitled 14/ to if living at my decease and if more than one equally and if any of them 15/ shall die in my lifetime without having issue then I Give the Legacy to 16/ which they would have been entitled if living to be equally divided amongst 17/ their brothers and sisters and the issue of any deceased brother or sister such 18/ issue to take the share their parents would have been entitled to.
I Give Devise 19/ and Bequeath all the residue of my real and personal estate whatsoever 20/ and wheresoever after the payments of my debts and funeral and testimentry 21/ expences and the legacies bequeathed by this my WILL unto my nephew George 22/ Henry Roberts his heirs and executors and administrators and assigns absolutly.
23/ Provided always that all monies to which any female shall be entitled under 24/ this my WILL shall be for her sole and seperate use and benifit independant 25/ of the debts controll or engagements of any husband and her reciept alone 26/ notwithstanding coveture shall be a good discharge to my said trustees.
27/ I Direct my Trustees to invest the Legacy or Legacies share or shares to 28/ which any infant shall be entitled under this my WILL in the names or 29/ name of the trustees or trustee for the time being of my WILL in any of the 30/ Public Stocks or Funds or Goverment Securities of the United Kingdom 31/ or in the Stock of the Bank of England or upon real securities in any part 32/ of the United Kingdom or in or upon the Stock Funds Shares Mortgages 33/ Debenture or Debenture Stock or other securities of any Corporation Company 34/ Public Body Municipal Commercial or otherwise in the United Kingdom 35/ with power to vary the same at their discretion for others of the kind 36/ prescribed and to apply all or any part of the yearly income of any part
sheet 3
01/ or share of my Trust Property to which under any of the bequests or dispositions 02/ hereinbefore contained each or any infant shall be entitled or contingently entitled 03/ in possesion towards the maintainance educaion or otherwise for the benifit of 04/ such Legatee during his or her minority or at the option of my said Trustees to 05/ pay the sam into thehands of the parent or guardian of such infant to be 06/ so applied but for the application whereof by such parent or guardian my 07/ Trustees shall not be responcible. Provided that it shall be lawfull for 08/ my Trustees or Trustee at any time or times in their discretion to allow the legacy 09/ or share to which any infant shall be entitled under this my WILL to remain 10/ in the hands of my said nephew George Henry Roberts at interest at the rate of 11/ four pounds per annum per annum untill the same shall becomme payable on 12/ his giving such security for the repayment of the same as shall be satisfactory 13/ to my other Trustees or Trustee.
I Empower my trustees to give reciepts for all 14/ Moneys Stocks funds Shares and effects to be piad transfered or delivered to 15/ Trustees or Trustee by virtue of this my WILL and declare that such 16/ reciepts shall exonerate the persons taking the same from enquiring into the 17/ nessesity or propriety of any sale or sales purporting to be made under this my 18/ WILL.
I Declare that the clauses herein contained so far as they concern my 19/ Trustees herein named shall extend and apply to the Trustees or Trustee for the 20/ for the time being of this my WILL. Provided always and
I Hereby Declare that 21/ if the said Trustees hereby appointed or any of them shall die in my lifetime 22/ or if they or any of them or any Trustee or Trustees appointed as hereinafter 23/ provided shall after my death die or be abroad or desire to be discharged 24/ or refuse or become incapable to act then and in any such case it shall be 25/ lawfull for the surviving or continuing Trustee or Trustees for the time being 26/ and for this purpose a retiring Trustee shall if willing to act in the execution 27/ of this power be considered a continuing Trustee or for the acting executors 28/ or executor administrators or administater of the last surviving or continuing 29/ Trustee to appoint a new Trustee or new Trustees in the place of the Trustee or 30/ Trustees so dying or being abroad or desiring to be discharged or resigning or 31/ becoming incapable to act as aforesaid. AND upon every or any such 32/ appointment as aforesaid the number of Trustees may be augmented or 33/ reduced AND upon every such appointment the trust property shall if 34/ and so far as the nature of the property or other circumstances of the case 35/ shall require or admit, be transformed so that the same may be vested in the 36/ Trustees or Trustee for the time being and every Trustee so appointed as

Sheet 4

I Direct and it is my Will and Device that the said JOHN SCOTT shall be paid his legal and professional charges for all work done by him as solicitor to my trust estate in the same manner as he would have been entitled had he not been appointed a Trustee and Executor under this my WILL
Lastly I hereby revoke all former Wills; In witness whereof I have set my hand at the end of this my WILL contained in this and the proceeding four sheets of paper this Twenty Fourth Day of October One Thousand Eight Hundred and Seventy Nine.

Signed by the said testator   JOSEPH ROBERTS
As and for his last will and testament in the presence of us both present at the same time who at his request in his sight and presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as attesting witnesses.
Joseph Roberts

Chas A. Wilkins Solicitor Wakefield
William Furness } his Clerk

Proved at Wakefield the 20th day of June 1882 by the Oaths of George Henry Roberts , the nephew and John Scott, two of the Executors to whom Administration was granted John Bedford Boston the other executor having renounced the Probate and Execution.

The Testator Joseph Roberts was late of Wakefield in the County of York Gentleman
and died on the 25th day of May 1882 at Wakefield Aforesaid.

Probate Seal

Gross Value of Estate  33,728 : 3 : 5
Net Value              33,663 : 5 : 6

Messr. Brown, Wilkin & Scott
Soliciters , Wakefield

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