The Probate of
Margaret Glass

late of 25 Russell St.,
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Auckland Testamentary Register, 1916-1917
Name     Margaret Glass    
Late of Devonport 
Married Woman           Intestate   
Date                   - July 1917        
Number                 521    
Date of Death           13 April 1917      
Date of Administration  25 June 1917       

Names of the            William Campbell Glass 
Administrators          Solr. J. H. Gregory    

Dutiable Estate       714.6s.9d          
Amount of Duty         11.18s.1d          
Date Paid             1 November 1917     

18 June 1917

In the Supreme Court of New Zealand Northern District.
In the Matter of the Estate of Margaret Glass late of Devonport in the said district
married woman deceased.
I William Campbell Glass of Hikurangi in the said district
Baker make oath and say as follows:-

SWORN at Auckland
this fifth day of
June 1917
before me.

A solicitor of the Supream Court of New Zealand

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