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The Will of
George MacMahon

of Stoke, Nelson NZ
Died 15th July 1935.

THIS IS THE LAST WILL AND TESTIMENT of me George MacMahon of Stoke in the provincial distict of NELSON in the Dominion of New Zealand, Farmer.

I HEARBY REVOKE all other WILLS and Testimentry writings at any time heretofor executed by me.
I appoint my daughter Evelyn Mary Goodyer and Harold Leon Harley of the city of Nelson, Solicitor, (hereinafter called my Trustees) to be the Executors and Trustees of this my WILL.

And I Declare that all trusts pwers and discretions hereinafter repose or vested in my Trustees shall be exercisable by the survivor of them or by the Executorsof the survivors of them or other Trustees or Trustee for the time being of this my WILL.

I Give and Bequeath all my household furniture and household effects which shall be in and about my dwelling house, at the time of my decease, unto my wife Caroline Elizabeth MacMahon absolutely.

I give and Bequeath the sum of two hundred and fifty pounds to my said wife Caroline Elizabeth MacMahon absolutely, such sum to be paid to her within two months after my death. Subject to the payment thereout of all my just debts funeral and testmentary expenses and the death duties payable in respect of my estate and the succession duties payable of the value given to any of the beneficiaries under this MY WILL.

I Give Devise and Bequeath all my real estate whatsoever and wheresoever unto my Trustees upon trust whenever my Trustees shall think fit to sell dispose or to convert into money my said real and the residue of my personal estate either by public auction or private contract either together or in lots at such times in such manner and subject to such conditions and terms as my Trustees shall think fit, With power to buy in the premises at any public sale and to rescind and vary any contract for sale and to resell without being responsible for any consequent loss;

AND to invest the moneys arising from such sale and conversion and all other moneys belonging to me at my death upon real leasehold or Goverment Securities in the said Dominion of or on deposit of any bank in New Zealand pending investment, With power to transfer and vary such securities at their her or his discretion.

AND I EMPOWER my Trustees to suspend for such period as they shall

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thereof or by all or any of these means in such manner as my Trustees shall think expendient,

And that the costs of and incidental to the said sales and mortgages and of and to any transfers not only of the same Mortgages but of any other mortgages upon my Estate which in the opinion of my Trustees may from time to time be necessary shall be charged upon or paid out of the corpus of my Estate subject as herinbefore mentioned.

I declare and Direct that if any person who would have taken any part of my Estate under this my WILL had he or she survived me shall die in my lifetime leaving issue then that such issue shall take and if more than one in equall shares as tennants in common the share or part of my Estate which the parent of such issue would have taken under this my WILL had such parent survived me.

In Witness  whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name this
Eighth day of August One thousand nine hundred and twenty two.
Signed  by the Testator the said George MacMahon as and for his last WILL and Testiment in the presence of of us both present at the same time, who at his request in his presence and sight and in the presence and sight of each other have hereunto subsribed our names as witnesses
G.Howard Gill, Law Clerk, Nelson
Arthur N.Bachelor, accountant, Nelson

This is the written document or Will now produced and shown to and refered to in the affidavit of
Evelyn Mary Goodyer and Harold Leon Harley Severally sworn this 24th day of July 1935.
A Solicitor of the supream Court of New Zealand.

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