The Will of
Robert Lakeland

of Acomb
died 1790
in the county of York
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I Robert Lakeland of Acomb near York Attorney at Law make this my part Will and Testiment the thirty first Day of March One thousand seven hundred and ninety.

I bequeath to each of my three children Elizabeth , Francis and Robert the sum of one thousand pounds to be paid when and as they shall severally attain the their respective age of twenty one years and
I Will that the interest of the said legacies not exceeding four pounds per centum per annum be applied by my trustees after named for the use and benefit of my said children during their respective minorities.

I charge my freehold dwelling House and garden situate in Livingate otherwise called Little Stonegate in York with a clear rent charge or yearly sum of twenty pounds to be paid by equal half yearly portions from the day of my death to the proper hands of my sister Ann Symmonds during her natural life for her sole and separate use so as not to be liable to the Debts Power or Control of her Husband.

I also charge the said dwelling house and garden with another clear rent charge or yearly sum of Ten pounds to be paid by equal half yearly portions to my half brother John Lakeland during his natural life and charge as aforesaid.

I devise the said dwelling house and garden with all fixtures and heirlooms and also the adjoining tennerments which I hold by lease for lives under the Bishope of Chester unto my dear wife Elizabeth until my said son shall attain the age of twenty one years and on his attaining that age , I devise the said freehold and leasehold Premises charged as aforsaid unto my son his heirs and assigns.

I give to my sister Isabel Elgey and to each of her three children Twenty pounds apiece. Also Twenty pounds to my Sister Symmonds son at their respective ages of twenty one years.

I bequeath to my wife all my household goods and linen which I have the right to dispose of and also one hundred pounds in money for her own use.

I bequeath to my son all of my law books Manuscripts bookcases desks and implements of my profession.

I devise and bequeath my two fifth shares of the freehold dwelling house and workshops and tennerments (late Charles Watkinson) situate in Spurvergate? York with the room and yard behind the same last mentioned dwelling house and gardens (late widow Lidgley) my freehold dwelling houses and lands at Clifforth in the county of York purchased of Thomas Powell and others my freehold dwellings houses and gardens in or near Pinicle Street York, purchased of Richard Maycock my closes near Pocklington new

I am also purchased of him my farm called Holmefield holden under a lease for lifes from the prebendary of the prebend of Holm Archiepiscopie in York Cathedral ,

My Estates at Garton on the Wolds and Scagglethorp purchased under the decree for sale of the late Mrs Jane Cooke's property **note.1

my cottage at Kirkby Ravensworth and all other my real estates whatsoever which I have power to dispose of and all the residue of my real estate unto my wife my brother William Lakeland my friends David Lambert of Malton and John Symour of York Gentalman their heirs Executor Administrators and assigns

In trust at their discretion to sell and convey all or any part or parts of my said real estates to them devised at such time or times and in such manner as my said trustees or the survivors or survivor of them or the heirs of such survivor shall think proper and to apply the residue of my personel estate and so much of my money to arise by the Rent and Profits of my real estates and the sale as aforesaid as shall be sufficient in payment of all my just debts funeral and testamentry expenses and the legacies above mentioned

and after payment thereof to place the clear surplus of such money at Interest either on government or land sucurity during the life of my wife and until the youngest of my children attain the age of twenty one years and

I Will that the dividends and interest thereof and the rent and profits of such part of my real estates devised in trust as aforsaid as shall remain unsold shall be enjoyed by my wife during her life and in case of her decease during the minority of any of my children then such dividends interest rents and profits or a competent part thereof at the discretion of my trustees shall be applied by them as they shall proper for the use and benefit of any of my children until the shall come of age and the residue (if any) shall accumulate,

nevertheless I Will that my trustees may out of any of the monies which shall come to their hands by virtue of this Will and testiment reimburse themselfs and each other for all costs damages and expenses which they or any of them shall sustain or be put unto in about or relative to the trusts thereby reposed in them. And I declare that non of them shall be answerable for the acts or receipts of any the others or other of them nor for any involuntary loss that they may happen

I also declare that the receipt of my said trustees or the survivors or surviver of them or their heirs of such survivors shall be an effectual discharge for the purchase money therein mentioned to be received for all of any part of my real estate which shall be sold by them him or her pursuant to the power for that purpose hereinbefore given and that no purchaser thereof shall be liable to see to the application of such money or answerable for the misapplication or non application of it

**note 1 gm. If the estates held by Mr Lakeland in trust under Mrs Cooke's Will and remaining unsold , will pass by this Will to the Lakeland trustees or does the fee thereof decend to young Mr Lakeland as Wm at law of the Trustee and decree in Mrs Cooke's Will? The words are sufficiently comprehensive to pass the estates in question


I empower my trustees if they think fit to renue the lease of all or any part of my leasehold property from time to times as they may be occasion and to pay the fines and incidentals expenses out of any surplus and residue of my real and personal and from after my said wife's decease I give and devise all the then surplus and residue of my real and personal estate unto and equally amongst all of my children and their respective heirs executors and administrators share and share alike

I declare that the provision hereby made for my wife is in lieu and Satisfaction of power and other right which she may otherwise claim out of my estates and that the provision hereby made for my children is ment to be in satisfaction of all claims and demands which any of them might otherwise have on my estate real or personal

In testimony I hereunto set my hand and seal at York the day and year first written having first obliterated nearly five lines in this page which are marked with the initials of my name Robert Lakeland (LS)-
Signed seal and published and declared by the testator as his Will in the presence of us who at his request in his presence and that each of the other have subscribed our names as witnesses----

Margret Seymore----- Geo Stevenson ---- Sam Green

This is a Codicil

to the last Will and Testiment of me Robert Lakeland late of Acomb near York Gentleman

Whereas in and by my said Will I have appointed Diverse trustees and Executors and for as much as the testimony of my late clerk and now partner Mr John Symore who is appointed one of my trustees and executors may be esentially nocessary in the contesting and defending such matters respecting my property as lay solely within his knowledge

I do therefore hereby revoke all power and authority given by my valid Will to the said John Symore as trustee and executor and I do fully and absolutely transfer to and invest the same power and authority and every part thereof in my friend Thomas Wright of Richmond in the county of York, Gentleman is now Executor and Administrator as fully and effectually to all intents and purposes as he the said John Symore might or could have acted or done in case this Codicil had not been made

In witness thereof I have hereto set my hand and seal this first day of July in the year of our lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety--

The mark and seal of Robert R. L. Lakeland (LS)
Signed sealed published and declared by the said Robert Lakeland as a Codicil to his Will in the presence of us who at his bequest in his presence and in the presence of each other have subscribed our names as witnesses thereto
James Berkley ---
Sam Buxton ---
Mary Buxton

In the name of God Amen proof of the Will and codicil to these present annexed being admitted before the Reverend Edward William Clerk our lawful surrogate

We Peter Johnson Master of Arts commissary and keeper General of the exchequer and perogative court of the most reverend father in GOD William by devine Providence Lord Archbishope of York primate of England and Metropolitan do approve of and register the same and do pronounce decree and declare the validity thereof and do fully in the Lord by these present commit and grant Administration of all and Singular the goods rights credits Cattle's and Chattels of Robert Lakeland late of Acomb in the county of York Gentleman (having in his life time and at his death bono nobilitlia in diverse Dioces or peculiar Juristriction within the province of York ) deceased which were in his lifetime and at his death within the province of York aforesaid to Elizabeth Lakeland Widow his Relict William Lakeland his brothers David Lambert and Thomas Wright gentleman the executors according to tennor of the aforsaid Will and codicil having first before our said surrogate taken the oath according to law in that case required saving any other person rights given at York under seal of our said office this seventh day of march in the year one thousand seven hundred and ninety one

Edwd. Clough Procter ------------------------
Joseph Buckle Deputy Register

Transcript is from Documents held by HUMAD and is their copyright

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