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The Probate of
William Glass

of Montgomery St.
Died 13th Dec 1889

William Glass

The following inventory was recieved
by post from Mrsr Thom and Headwiell
58 West Regent Street, Glasgow

In pre:

Inventory of the Personel or Movable Estate and Effects wheresoever situated of the late William Glass who resided in Montgomery Street who died at Kinross on the Thirteenth day of August Eighteen Hundred and eighty nine
1st.... Cash in the house 0 0 0
2nd... Household furniture and other effects in the deceased house 10 0 0
3rd.... One share in the name of deceased in the
          Kinross & Milnathorpe Gas Light Co Limited .......... Value
5 0 0
Total 15 0 0

         Annie Duncan
          R G Sommerville JP  for Renfrewshire

At Glasgow the ninth day of September nineteen hundred and one in the presence of Robert Galbraith Summerville Justice of the Peace for Renfrewshire;
Appeared Mrs Annie Glass or Duncan wife of and residing with John lusk Duncan Painter and decorator Glasgow who being solomnly sworn and examined Deposes
That the said William Glass who Resided in Montgomery Street Kinross died at kinross upon thirteenth August 1889 and had at the time of his death his ordinary or pricipal domicil in the County of Kinross in scotland.
That the Deponent is the daughter of the deceased and as such one of the next of kin of the deceased.
That the Deponent has entered or is desirous to enter upon the possesion and managment of the deceaseds estate as executrix aforesaid.
That the Deponent does not know of any testamentry settlement or writing relative to the disposal of the deceaseds personal or moveable esate or effects or any part thereof; That the foregoing Inventory signed by the Deponent and the said Justice of the Peace as relativw hereto is a full and complete Inventory of the Personal or moveable estate and effects of the said deceased wheresoever situated and belonging or due to him benificially at the time of his death, including moveable estate over which deceased exercised a power of appointment in so far as the Deponent has been able to Ascertain the same.
That the gross value at death of the deceased of the heritable and moveable property in respect of which Estate Duty is payable on his death exclusive of property settled otherwise than by the Will of the deceased does not exceed Twenty Pounds Sterling as particularly shewn in the forgoing Inventory and in the Statment and Accounts hereto annexed that Confirmation of the Personal or moveable Estate in Scotland or in the United Kingdom is required in favour of the Deponent.
All of which is Truth as the Deponent shall answer to God.
               Annie Duncan
               R G Sommerville G P

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