The Will of
Elizabeth charlotte Borrell

of Grainsby Hall

Died ?th May 1826

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Probate of the Will of Elizabeth Borrell of Grainsby House, spinster ? Reference Name HAIGH/4/2 To trustees Theophilus Harneis of Orby, esq, and John Loft of Stainton near Horncastle, esq, 5,000 to be invested and accumulate for great niece Elizabeth Borrell and 2,000 not to bear interest (d. or nephew John Borrell). If she dies before reaching the age of 21 years, in equal shares to great niece Mary and great nephew Edward, children of nephew John; if one dies the other to have all. The same trustees to invest 5,000 similarly for great niece Mary. If she dies, to be divided beween great niece Elizabeth and great nehew Edward. The same trustees, 1,000 to invest for great nephew Edward. The same trustees, 1,000 for great nephew Lawrence, son of her late nephew Benjamin Borrell. 500 each to be paid to Thomas and William sons of the Revd William Nettleship. The Briglsey estate to trustees for her great nephew Richard Borrell son of late nephew Benjamin and the heirs of his body. These estates also charged with payment of 500 apiece to children of her nephew John Borrell by his present wife (but to no children born after her decease). The Holton le Clay estaes to the same trustees to the use of nephew John Borrell for life. To the same trustees, Graisby House and lands in Grainsby, Waith, Tetney, Irby and Grainthorpe, also the Brigsley estates if great nepew Richard dies without heirs, to the use of great niece Elizabeth Charlotte daughter of late nephew Benjamin, and to the heirs of her body, with remainder to Richard Borrell and the heirs of his body and for want of such issue the proceeds of the estates to be divided between children of nephews Benjamin and John. Suggestion that Elizabeth Charlotte Borrell shall be made a ward in Chancery if trustees agree; powers for appointment of rent charges to husbands or wives of those inheriting. Codicil having annuity of 40 to brother John Borrell and legacy of 400 to Elizabeth daughter of George Babb of Great Grimsby, 6 Nov 1823. Probate, Canterbury Prerogative Court.

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