The Will of
Thomas Campbell

Died 1973
Late of Richmond
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  This is the Last Will and Testament of me Thomas Campbell of Richmond.
  1. I revoke all former wills by me made and I APPOINT THE PUBLIC TRUSTEE of NewZealand (hereinafter referred to as "my trustee") to be my Executor and Trustee.
  2. I direct that I be cremated if cremation can be conveniently arranged and that my ashes be scattered.

  3. I give and bequeath the sum of seven hundred NewZealand Dollars (NZ$700) to my daughter Winifred Margaret McElwain should she be living at my death but should she predecease me to her children as are living at my death if more than one in equal shares.

  4. I give devise and bequeath the whole of my estate both real and personal of whatsoever nature and situate not hereinbefore otherwise disposed of unto my trustee ON TRUST to pay thereout my just debts funeral and testamentary expenses and all death duty payable in respect of my dutiable estate and to stand possessed of the residue for such of them my children FLORENCE ISABEL WILSON,   ALAN JAMES CAMPBELL,   BRIAN HENRY CAMPBELL and DAVID JOHN CAMPBELL as are living at my death and if more than one in equal shares
    PROVIDED HOWEVER AND I DIRECT that should any or the above named children predecease me leaving a child at my death then and in every such case such last-mentioned child or children shall take one if more than one in equal shares all that the share of interest which his her or their parent would have taken under this paragraph 4 of this my will had such parent be living at my death.

As WITNESS my hand this twenty third day of June 1973
Thomas Campbell
Signed by the said Charles Campbell as and for his last will and testiment in the presence of us together present at the same time who in his presence at his request and in the presence of each other have hereunto subcribed our names as Witnesses:

B I Clearwater, House Wife, 160 Queen St, Richmond, Nelson
.A Clark, Public Trustee, Nelson

Transcribed by Charles cameron Campbell.

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