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The Probate of
John Campbell

of Dundavie, Grandtuly
Died 8th July 1891

of the
Personal Estate
John Campbell

At Perth the twenty fifth day of September
Eighteen hundred and ninety one years
in the presence of John Graham Esquire,
Advocate Sheriff Substitute of Pethshire

Compeared James Crown Dow Solicitor in Perth as Procurator for the Executor after named and designed and gave in the Inventory of the Personal Estate of John Campbell after designed and oath thereon after written desiring the same to be recorded in the Register of Inventories of Personal Estates and Kept at Perth conform to Act of Parliament which desire the said Sheriff found reasonable and ordained the same to be done accordingly the tenor whereof follows:
sheet 2
Inventory of the Personal Estate wheresoever situated of John Campbell
farmer Dundavie, Grandtully who died at Dundavie
on the Eighth day of July 1891 Scotland.
1st.... Cash in the house at date of death 0 7 6
2nd... Deceased's share (one half of effects consisting of houshold funishings Implements, Crop Stock and on the farm of Dundavie Grandtully belonging jointly to Deceased and Alexander Campbell his son conform to Inventory and Appraisement thereof by Robert McLaren Licenced Appraiser Aberfeldy 117 11 9
3rd... Ammount at credit of deceased with union Bank of Scotland Limited Aberfeldy on deposit Receipt, %34/104
    dated 1st June 1891 ... 22 :3 :6
    Interest to date of inventory ... 0 :1 :6
22 5 0
Personal estate wheresoever situate 140 4 3
Shedule of Debts due and owing from the deceased to
persons resident in the United Kingdom and Funeral Expenses
1/ Proportion of Rent of the farm of Dundavie (whole year 61)
    from Martinmas 1890 till date of death
38 2 1
2/ Wages of Colin McKenyll (3) from 1st march to date of death 1 9 2
3/ Wages to Christy Carmiehael (12) from Martinmas1890 to date of death 7 10 0
4/ Wages to James Thompson (14) from Martinmas 1890 to date of death 8 14 11
Total 55 16 2
Deceased's share thereof 27 18 1
5/ Lothian Coal Company Limited Dalkeith 2 13 2
6/ Alexander Campbell, Merchant, Aberfeldy 0 8 6
7/ A MacIntyre, Draper, Perth 12 18 10
8/ D. Campbell & Son, Grocers, Aberfeldy 1 0 7
9/ Dr Munro, Aberfeldy 1 16 8
Funeral Expenses
10/ P & D Reid Joiners Aberfeldy for Coffin 2 12 0
11/ Alexander Menzies for Hearse 0 12 6
12/ Sundry Expenses including Refreshments 1 0 0
    Total Amount of Debts & Funeral Expenses 51 0 4

sheet 3
Total ammount of Personal Estate as per forgoing Inventory 140 4 3
Amount of debts and Funeral Expenses as per shedule  51 0 4
Net value of Personal Estate which is not chargeable with duty 89 3 11
Alexander Campbell
John Mackay JP

The nineteenth day of September Eighteen hundred and ninety one.
In the presence of John Mackay Esquire MD. Aberfeldy one of her Majestys Justices of the Peace for the County of Perth.

sheet 4
Appeared Alexander Campbell farmer Dundavie Grandtully Executor of the deceased
John Campbell farmer Dundavie Grandtully, who being solemnly Sworn and Examined depones that the aforesaid was domicile at Dundavie upon the eighth day of July Eighteen hundred and ninty one and left issue surviving.

That the deponent is desirous to enter upon the possesion and managment of the Deceased's Estate as executor Dative Qua next of Kin.

That the Deponent does not know of any Testamentry Settlement or writing relative to the disposal of the deceased's personal estate and effects or any part thereof.

That the forgoing Inventory signed by the deponent and the said Justice of the peace as relative hereto is a full and complete inventory of the Personal Estate and Effects of the said Deceased John Campbell Wheresoever situated and belonging or due to him benificially at the time of his death in so far as the same has come to the Deponent's knowlegde.

That the Deponent does not know of any money or Property belonging to the Deceased secured by Scottish Bonds or other instuments Excluding Executors.

That the said deceased had no Heritable Estate in this country in so far as known to the Deponent that the said Deceased John Campbell was due and owing at the time of his death to persons in the United kingdom the debts enumerated in the forgoing shedule.

That the debts are payable by law out of the Estate and Effects comprised in the foregoing Inventory are not nor any of them voluntary debts made payable on the death of the deceased or voluntry debts payable under some instrument delivered to the donee thereof within three months before the death of the deceased, or debts which are primarily payable out of any real Estate belonging to the deceased or debts in respect whereof a reimbursement is capable of being reclaimed from any real Estate of the Deceased, or from any other Estate or person whatsoever.

That these debts with the funeral expenses of the said deceased as also shown in the said shedule amount to fifty one pounds and four pence.

That the nett value at this date of the said Personal estate and effects situate in Scotland including the proceeds accruded thereon down to this date and after deducting the ammount of said debts and funeral expenses is Eighty nine pounds three shillings and eleven pence and does not exceed One hundred pounds Sterling.

That Confirmation of the said Personal Estate is required in favour of the Deponent.
All which is Truth as the Deponent shall answer to God.
Alexander Campbell
John Mackay JP

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