The Will of
Walter henry Boylan

Gentleman of Opotiki

Died 2nd November 1888

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Omaramutu Hotel
24th October 1888

This is the last WILL anf Testiment of Walter Boylan of Omaramutu,
I give devise and bequeath to my reputed daughter May Boylan of Omaramutu, all my Estate and effects both real and personal whatsover and wheresoever and of what nature and quality soever and -
I hereby Appoint Edward Ogilvie Ross of Omaramutu sole Executor and Trustee of and for the purpose of this my WILL.
In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand this Twenty fourth day of October One Thuosand Eight Hundred and Eighty Eight.

Walter henry X his mark - Boylan

Signed by the said Walter Henry Boylan
In the presence of us present at the same time
who in his presence and in the presence of each other
Attest and Suncribe our names as Witnesses Hereunto.
Arthur Phillip Tennent Omaramutu Taka Totara

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