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1841, Baptisms, at St Andrews in the Parish of Hingham, Suffolk

1851 census
Source          Ho107,  Piece 1817, Folio 276?,   Page 21
Place           Hingham
Dwelling        Hall Moor, schedule 101

Charles   Skipper   head  M  48  Carpenter              Hingham

Eliza     Skipper   dau   U  21  Seemstress?            Hingham
Harriett  Skipper   dau   U  20  Dressmaker             Hingham   
Leah      Skipper   dau      14    Scholar              Hingham 
Fuller    Skipper   son       9    Scholar              Hingham 
Charles   Skipper   son       7    Scholar              Hingham
Elbina    Skipper   dau       10 mn                     Hingham

1861 census 
Source                RG9,    Piece  ,  Folio , Page
place                 Hingham in the hundred of Forehoe
Dwelling              Pitts Square

Charles  Skipper  head M 59      Journeyman Capenter          Hingham
Susanna  Skipper  wife M 59      Dressmaker                   Hingham 
Fuller   Skipper  son    18      Journeyman Bricklayer        Hingham 
Albinah  Skippper gdau   10      Scholar                      Hingham

Fuller Skipper married junqt1870 Hingham to Mary Ann Woolner

1871 census 
Source            RG10 Piece 1824, Folio 94 page 33
Place             Hingham, Norfolk  
Dwelling          Pitts Sq , schedule 187 

James Woolner   head W      70       Farm Lab
Fuller Skipper  son in law  29       Journeyman carpenter
Mary ann Skipper daughter   30       Carpenter's wife
Catherine I      gdau       3mn

note his parents are next door schedule 188
On the 3rd of November 1874 they sailed for New Zealand aboard the Lady Jocelyn, arriving 21 jan 1875 at Canterbury
He is recorded as assisted emigration to Canterbury cost of passage 43 10 shillings
Fuller Skipper   aged 33 carpenter    from Norfolk     
Mary Ann Skipper aged 35
Ida Skipper            3
Fanny Skipper          1y 6mn
Eliza Skipper          6months      died at sea

18 children died on the voyage

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