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Evening Post 14 july 1933
St John Ambulance
The following candidates have qualified for A First Aid Certificate
Leah Skipper

Auckland Star, 16 Jun 1927
On Friday a farewell evening was given by Mrs. J. Mulholland, the guest of honour being Miss Leah Skipper, of the Post Office staff, who leaves this week for Wellington. All present spent a happy and entertaining time, a proverbs competition being won by Miss Freda Dickens. Little Joan Mulholland sang charmingly "The Frog and the Bee" and songs by Miss K. Christie, Miss Ina Thomson, Mr. G. Slaughter, and Mr. I. Richardson were also greatly enjoyed. During the evening Miss Skipper was the recipient of a small token accompanied by the best wishes of those present.

Evening Post, 21st August 1939
St John Ambulance
Winners of certifcates, First Aid: Leah Skipper

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