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1871 census 
Source            RG10, Piece 1824, Folio 61, Page 3
Place             Hingham, Norfolk  
Dwelling          Hardingham rd , schedule 13 

George   Fisher  head M 42  Dealer 
Harriet  Fisher  head M 40          
George   Fisher  14 
Lucy     Fisher  13
Susanna  Fisher  11
Emma     Fisher   9
John     Fisher   8
Charles  Fisher   4
Eliza    Fisher   1

Emigrated 4th dec 1875 on Rangitiki
arrived Caterbury NZ 16 feb 1876.
assisted emigration cost to Goverment 16
Geo. F Skipper single age 19 Farm Lab

George Fisher
married 13 December 1881
Emily jane Clark
Observer,   10th December 1881
A Wedding will shorly take place at Whangarei between
Mr. Geo. Skipper and miss Clark, of Wairoa.

Auckland Star, 8th August 1889
George Skipper, petitioner,
Emily jane Skipper, respondant,
and Fred Clay, Co-repondant.
Motion for dissolution of Marriage (decree nisi),
and permanant coustody of children

George fisher Skipper
married 20th September 1890 NZ Margaret Howell
Source: NZ BMD

Bay of Plenty, Opotiki Electorate 1893 & 1896

George   Skipper, Residence: Opotiki, Occupation: Brewer
Margaret Skipper, Residence: Opotiki, Occupation: Domestic duties
Auckland Star, 10th May 1893
Fire at Opotiki,
The Brewery here was totaly destroyed by fire last night. It was insured in the Union Office, but I am unable to ascertain the amount. The property was valued at 1,000.
Upon inquiring at the local office of the Union Insurance Company we are informed that the company has a policy over an old brewery know as "Skipper's" to the extent of 75.
Skipper George, Opotiki, brewer

Opotiki School Addmissions

Ida Skipper;        Register No. 0366 former No.0187
Admission Date;     4 Aug 1903
Parent/Guardian;    Mr George SKIPPER
Address;            Opotiki
Birthdate;          3rd Jan 1890
Last School;        Opouriao
Last Day;           16 dec 1903
Destination;        Service

George Skipper;     Register no. 0188
Admission date;     12 Dec 1889
parent/gardian;     Mr. George Skipper
Address;            St John St. 
Birhdate;           30 Jul 1892
Last day            22 Dec 1899 died!  (02feb1900)

May Skipper;        Register No. 0246
Admission Date;     13 May 1901
Parent/Guardian;    Mr George SKIPPER
Address;            St John St.
Birthdate;          10 May 1896
Last School;        None
Last Day;           02 Jun 1910
Destination;        Home

Eva ?

Kate Skipper;       Register No. 0496 former No.
Admission Date;     26th Feb 1906
Parent/Guardian;    Mr George SKIPPER
Address;            Opotiki
Birthdate;          26th feb 1901
Last School;        None
Last Day;           
Destination;        Convent

Una Skipper;        Register No. 0570 former No.
Admission Date;     9th Jul 1907
Parent/Guardian;    Mr George SKIPPER
Address;            Opotiki
Birthdate;          7th Jul 1902
Last School;        None
Last Day;           
Destination;        Convent

Date of Interment
Given Name
Late Residence
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Where Died
Date of Death
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To whom Sold
1 February 1957

New Zealand
30 January 1957
F8 Lawn
C.C.P. Crosswell

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