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1961 census 
Source               RG9, Piece 583  Folio 48 page 14 schedule 68
place                Hurstpierpoint district 1, , sussex
Dwelling             6 Church Terrace 

William Richardson head M 58 Gardiner              Hurstpierpoint
Maria   Richardson wife m 56                       Hurstpierpoint
Henry L Dorling    Gson   11 Scholar               Paddington middx
Henry J C Shulz    Gson   3                        Portslade Sussex

1881 census
Source             RG11; Piece: 676; Folio: 155; Page: 50;
Place              Camberwell district 27  
Dwelling            schedule 224,  2 Clifton Villas  

Henry J C Schulz  boarder  s 23  Shorthand writer                Bighton* Sussex

Emma Fisher
Married sepqt 1883 Wandworth
Henry Schulz
Henry was of a first generation born in England with the name SCHULZ, whose family were from Immenhausen near to Kassel in Germany and descended on at least one line from Hugenots who had fled to Prussia after the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685.

1891 census
Source         RG12; Piece: 466; Folio: 42; Page: 30    
Place          Camberwell 
Dwelling       Schedule 178, 8 Malfort Road   

Henry J C    Schulz head m  33 Shorthand writer (Law)       Portslade
Emma         Schutz wife m  29                              Hingham
Amy L O      Schutz dau      7                              Camberwell
Beatrice M E Schutz dau      5                              Camberwell
Constance D  Schutz dau      3                              Camberwell
Catherine    Schutz  sister 23                              Islington
Minnie A     Schutz  sister 20                              St Pancras
Amariah Williams 16  serv

1911 census 
Source               RG14; Piece: 2518; ; .
Place                Camberwell North  District 27
Dwelling             212 Camberwell Grove 

Henry John Conrad    Schulz head  53  m 28 yrs Solicitors managing Clerk   Portslade, Sussex
Emma                 Schulz wife  49  children 3 all living                Hingham Norfolk 
Beatrice Marian Emma Schulz dau   25  Photographic Receptionist            Camberwell
Constance Dorothy    Schulz dau   23  Milliner                             Camberwell
George Jarrett Watson    boarder  28  Manufacturers clerk                  hull, Yorks

Amy louisa Octavia Shulz married jun1908 Camberwell, James Stirral

1911 census
Source           RG14; Piece: 3457; Schedule Number: 207
place            Merton Surrey
Dwelling         10 Manor Road, Merton Park, 

James              Stirral 28  m 2 yrs  Bank Clerk               Ayrshire Scotland
Amy Louisa Octavia Stirral 27  m children 1                      Camberwell
Joan Amy           Stirral  2 

Constance D married junqt1912, Camberwell, Leonard Lee
Beatrice M E married marqt1913, Westminster, Charles W Crowther
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