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1831, Baptisms, at St Andrews in the Parish of Hingham, Suffolk

1851 census
Source          Ho107,  Piece 1817, Folio 276?,   Page 21
Place           Hingham, Norfolk
Dwelling        Hall Moor Road, schedule 101

Charles   Skipper   head  M  48  Carpenter              Hingham

Eliza     Skipper   dau   U  21  Seemstress?            Hingham 
Harriett  Skipper   dau   U  20  Dressmaker             Hingham   
Leah      Skipper   dau      14    Scholar              Hingham
Fuller    Skipper   son       9    Scholar              Hingham
Charles   Skipper   son       7    Scholar              Hingham 
Elbina    Skipper   dau       10 mn                     Hingham*

Hingham parish registers,* Elbina was baptised Alice 2nd sep 1850
daughter of Harriet Skipper, single woman.

1851 census
Source              Ho107 piece 1817  Folio 222 Page 22
Place               Hingham district 5a, Norfolk
Dwelling             Pairland,  Schedule 94 

William Fisher   head M 48   Miller and Baker                 Hingham
Honour  Fisher   wife M 50                                    Hingham
George  Fisher    son s 23   Baker's son                      Hingham
Emma  Child      gdau    5                                    Hingham

The 1861 census has Harriet as "house keeper" to George Fisher
whom it seems is the father of of her children.
William, George, Lucy(georgina, Susanna, Emma and Harriet are all given the second forename of Fisher
and Harriet their mother is described as 'single woman'.
Given George Fisher is single in 1851 it is not clear why they had not married

1861 census
source             RG9, Piece 1222, Folio 40, Page 1
Place              Hingham, Norfolk
Dwelling           Hardingham Rd, schedule 2  

George  Fisher  head Un  32      Journ(yman) Miller       Hingham
Harriet Skipper     Un   30      House Keeper             Hingham
Wm.        do      son   5       Scholar                  Hingham
George     do      son   4       Scholar                  Hingham
Georgina   do      dau   3                                Hingham
Susannah   do      dau   1                                Hingham

Harriet married George Skipper in 1868
and the following census shows her children have taken the surname Fisher.

1871 census 
Source            RG10, Piece 1824, Folio 61, Page 3
Place             Hingham, Wymondham district 4. Norfolk  
Dwelling          Hardingham rd , schedule 13 

George   Fisher  head M 42  Dealer                       Hingham
Harriet  Fisher  head M 40                               Hingham
George   Fisher  son    14    Scholar                    Hingham                  
Lucy     Fisher  dau    13    Scholar                    Hingham   
Susanna  Fisher  dau    11    Scholar                    Hingham   
Emma     Fisher  dau     9    Scholar                    Hingham   
John     Fisher  dau     8    Scholar                    Hingham   
Charles  Fisher  son     4                               Hingham   
Eliza    Fisher  dau     1                               Hingham   

1881 census 
Source         RG11, Piece 1948, Folio 41, Pg 9 
Place          Norwich, St Gregory
Dwelling       Upper Westwick St.  schedule  

Harriet Fisher head M 49     Dressmaker           Hingham 
Emma    Fisher dau    19                          Hingham
Eliza kate     dau    11                          Hingham 

Rose Mallet    lodger 19     Dressmaker           Hackforth

1891 census
Source             RG12, Piece 437,  Folio 54,  Page 13
place              Wandsworth South Battersea, London
Dwelling           99 Bennerley Road, schedule 88

Harriet Fisher  head   M  60     Dress Maker           Hingham,Norfolk
Arther  Cooper  lodger U  51     Stationers Shopman    Lincoln
Richard Bucks   lodger U  40     Journeyman Tailor     Eccles Norfolk

and just a few streets away is her husband and daughter Susanna

1891 census
Source             RG12, Piece 437, Folio 19, Page 29
Place              Wandsworth, South Battersea, London
Dwelling           Cottage Goods yard, Chivalrey rd. schedule 170

Edgar P Hudson head M 34  Coal Porter               Woolwich Kent
Susan   Hudson wife M 32                            Hingham, Norfolk
Harriet E Hudson dau  10  Scholar                   Battersea, london
George E Fisher  FIL M  65  Former Horse Keeper     Hingham, Norfolk

possible death of George fisher dec1892 bethnal green
not found in the 1901 census.

1901 cencus 
place                  Battersea

Edgar Hudson  43     labourer  B Vestry                     Kent
Susan Hudson  41     Dress maker                            Hingham Norfolk

1901 census
Source               RG13, Piece 1243, Folio 124, Page 15
Place                Hornsey
Dwelling             Rose & Crown Tavern , 86 High Street, schedule 105

William Fisher head   U 27?   Licenced Victualler          Hignham, Norfolk
Harriet Fisher mother W 70                                 Hingham, Norfolk

2 servants
According to Valarie Boyd Died 21 dec1901 buried 24 dec1901 General cemetery Springbank south london BMD death marqt1902 Wandsworth 1d 413
Harriet Fisher aged 75

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