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In 1855 Emma Skipper along with her 1st cousen Susannah Skipper were recruited by Rev. Benjamin Drake, of the Launceston Imigration Aid Society.
The Rev. Drake had returned to Norfolk, an area of UK he knew well, in the hopes of finding a "Better Class" of workers, the society being opposed to the influx of convicts recently being transported to Tasmania.
Launceston Society
Emma louisa Skipper 
31MAR1855 Launceston TAS per Whirlwind
Domestic Servant,CH Eng
R&W,np NFK,@ 20
b/c 1834 Wicklewood NFK **
died    17NOV1916 Sheffield TAS 
married 28APR1856 Longford TAS to 
SAYER William 
born/c  1833 SFK . c1855 . 
died    06MAY1917 Sheffield TAS 
** Wicklewood is about a mile from Hingham
William Sayer was also on the Whirlwind but unlike most of the passengers he and his parents and siblings had paid for thier own passage
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