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Origins of Charles Tilthorpe Skipper , source Colin Skipper /OPR

1841 census
Source:                 H0107, Piece 767, Book 13, Folio 15 page 22
Place:                  Hingham, Norfolk
Dwelling:               Barter  Row 

William Skipper  60         Ag Lab                     Y
Mary    Skipper  60                                    Y
Elizth. Skipper  25                                    Y
John    Skipper  15        Ag Lab                      y 
Emma    Skipper   6                                    y
Sophia  Skipper   6months                              y
Sarah   Buckingham   35                                y
Charles Buckingham   12                                y

William Skipper died in 1843?

1851 census 
source              HO107; Piece: 1817; Folio: 314; Page: 9;        
place               Wymondham district 10a, 
dwelling            shedule 29, Suton devision       

Mary    Skipper head  77 W       Labourer's Wife pauper          Wymondham
Thomas  Skipper son   35 s       R A agr Lab                     Wymondham

1851    Hingham 
        Baxter Row 
John Skipper 25  son Ag Lab                Hingham

1861 census ????
source           RG9 piece 1222  folio page 16
Place            Hingham Norfolk
Dwelling         Fleeters Hill, schedule 94

Mary Skipper  head W  84   Pauper                           Hingham

Mary supposedly died jun1864
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