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May Boylan's age at death of 81 from nzbmd conflicts with her gravestone age of 96,
which would give her birth as circa 1871, which would make her 17 when Walter wrote his WILL leaving her all his estate. However this would have made her 55 when her last child was born in 1926.

8th September 1908 May married Carl august Theil
a second son Charles born 30sep1911, hoever the 1911 Voters list
show no sign of Carl august Theil and
May has returned to using name of Boylan, and by 1913 she had her "first" child with Charles Boylan.
Possible death of Carl Thiel 03sep1958,
buried Brownlow St Paul Cemtetery, 14 km E Truro to Eudunda Rd. South australia.

From later marriage cert 1943 details aged 60 and birth place
; we have Charles frederick Snell born circa 1883 Toowomba, Queensland Au.
best match so far from Au birth index 9 july 1882
Fredriech herman Snell and Caroline Wihelmine Zupp.

Voters list 
1911  Bay of Plenty,
May Boylan, Opotiki, Spinster
1911 Bay of plenty
Charles frederick Snell, Goring St. Opotiki, Labourer

1914 Bay of Plenty
May Boylan, Opotiki, Spinster
1914 Bay of plenty
May Snell,  Ford St. Opotiki, Married
1914 Bay of Plenty, 
Charles frederick Snell, Goring St, Opotiki, Labourer

1919 Bay of Plenty
May Snell,  Ford St. Opotiki, Married
Charles frederick Snell, Goring St. Opotiki, Labourer

1928 Bay of Plenty
May               Snell, Opotiki, Married
Charles frederick Snell, Opotiki, Labourer
Clifford          Snell, Opotiki, Cheese maker

1938 Bay of Plenty
May Snell,               Ford St. married
Charles frederick Snell, Ford St. Labourer

sheet 2

As both May and Charles had been previously married but not divorced they were inially unable to marry, however May took the name Snell. evetually they married in 1943.

Certified copy of Marriage
Number 1  
When Married 19th January 1943
Where Married Registrar's office, Opotiki
  Bridegroom Bride
Name and Surname Charles Frederick Snell May Thiel
Age 60 56
Proffession or Occupation Contactor ~~~~
Conjucal Status
Bachelor Spinster
Widow, Divorce
Previouslt married, but not known of wife as alive for 40 years last past Previously married, but not know of husband as alive for 32 years last past
Birthplace Toowomba, Queensland, Australia Opotiki
Usual Residence Opotiki Opotiki
Name of Farther Charles frederick Snell Walter Henry Boylan
Fathers Occupation Farmer publican
Name and Surname of mother ~~~ Snell Minnie Boylan
Maiden name of Mother ~~~ Wesney
Certified copy of marriage entry this 1st Day of May 1972

May and Charles Snell, circa 1950
Charles and May

Electoral Rolls

Charles frederick Snell 
1911,1914,1919, Bay of Plenty

1928 bay of plenty
Charles frederick Snell, Opotiki Labourer
May               Snell, Opotiki, married

1935 Rotorua 
1946,1949  Tamaki

May Snell
1914,1919,1928  Bay of Plenty
1919 Bay of Islands
1946 Tamaki   Auckland

Electoral Rolls
Frederick charles Snell, is he related?
1964   Hobson,   Northland
1981   Papakura, Auckland

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