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The 1851 census shows Mary had left home possibly living in Orwell
However the 1861 has her back home in kinross but no husband

1861 census Kinross town west side high street south of Damside
              Bk 3 Pg 27   Enu 172 
location:     High street 

	              Rel.  Age  Occ.                Birth place 

John 	      White   head   75  Cotton Weaver        Kinross	
Elizabeth     White   Wife   78                       Kinross		
Mary L	      Stark   Dau    41 Plaster's wife        Kinross		
Elizabeth     Stark   GrDau   4 Plaster's Daughter			

Dwelling:          37 Cowen St
Census Place:      Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland
Source:            FHL Film 0203526     GRO Ref    Volume 442    
                   EnumDist 10    Page 19

                Rel  Mar Age  Occ                              Birthplace 
John STARK      Head  M  64   Plasterer Emp 2 Men & 1 Boy      Kinross town, Kinross
Mary W. STARK   wife  M  62                                    Kinross town, Kinross
Lizzie  STARK   dau   U  24                                    Kirkcaldy, Fife

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