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1881 census
Source:          GRO Ref    Volume 137   Enum Dist 8    Page 37
Place:           Forres, Elgin, Scotland
Dwelling:        Sunny Bank 

                 Rel   Mar Age   Occ                Birthplace 
John R.  ROSS    Head  M    41 	 Fleasher           Forres, Elgin
Annie L. ROSS    Wife  M    36                      Grantnon, Elgin 
John A.  ROSS    Son         6   Scholar            Forres, Elgin 
Fracis   ROSS    Son         5   Scholar            Forres, Elgin
Annie C. ROSS	 Dau         4                      Forres, Elgin
William F. ROSS  Son         3                      Forres, Elgin
Janet F. ROSS    Dau         1                      Forres, Elgin

Annie MC KENZIE  Serv  U    31   Gem. Serv Dom.     Kirkhill, Inverness
Mary A. WINK     Serv  U    15   Gen. Serv Nurse    Drainie, Elgin

1891 census 
Source            Forres; ED: 8; Page: 41; Line: 17; Roll: CSSCT1891_39
Place             Forres Moray
Dwelling          schedule 223, Sunnybank, Victoria Rd

John Robert Ross head  50     Flesher                  Forres, Morayshire           
Annie L     Ross wife  45                              Grantown, Morayshire
John A      Ross son   16     Clerk Apprentice         Forres, Morayshire 
Annie E     Ross dau   14     Scholar                  Forres, Morayshire    
William F   Ross son   13     Scholar                  Forres, Morayshire  
Janet F     Ross dau   11     Scholar                  Forres, Morayshire  
Walter      Ross son    7     Scholar                  Forres, Morayshire  
Isabella M  Ross dau    2                              Forres, Morayshire  
Elizabeth   Tullo serv 25    General Servant Domestic  Rafford, Morayshire

1901 census 
Source         Forres; ED: 8; Page: 55; Line: 1; Roll: CSSCT1901_41
place          Forres Moray 
Dwelling       schedule 284,  Sunnybank 

John R      Ross head  61   Flesher
Annie E     Ross dau   24 
Janet F     Ross dau   21 
Isabella M  Ross dau   12   scholar
Walter      Ross son   11   Clerk
James Gordon nephew    19   Flesher
Johnina Epsthven       21   General Serv Domestic

John robert Ross died 15 Feb 1906 Sunnybank, Victoria Rd, Forres
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