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Thomas anthony English
born 29 june 1929 whitby yorkshire, died 29 mar 1979 Beverly Yorkshire

son of Dr Hugh G English and Elizabeth H Tully

British Medical Journal, 28 april 1979

page 1156, OBITUARY

T A English; MB, CHB, FRCSED

Mr T A English, consultant orthopaedic Surgeon at Hull Royal Unfermary, died at his home on 29 march. He was 49.
Thomas anthony English was born at Whitby, Yorkshire, the son of a local doctor and one of a line of five generations of medical men and women. He was educated at Terrington and at Worksop College. He read medicine at St Andrews and trained in surgery and orthopeadics at York, Manchester, Edinburgh, and Newcastle, obtaining the FRCSED at an early stage in his career, then aquiring an unusually wide experiance in his chosen speciality before comming to Hull as a consultant in 1967.

As a boy Tom had already displayed his mechanical genius. He built his own boates and dabbled with considerable skill in a number of engineering projects with remarkable suceess.. He was tempted to be an engineer, but decided to follow the distinquished traditions of his forefathers in medicine, though his mechanical gifts were to find expression in his work. An Excellent and conservative surgeon, he was widely sought after by local practicioners for his kindly and effective handling of patients. His work was highly organised , and, despite a grossly overloaded clinical job, he found time to teach, demonstrate, and advise large numbers of young surgeons in training. The needs of the young were never far from his mind, and his guidance was greatly appreciated.

Tom was a thinking surgeon. He quickly learnt to dispel from his practice old cant which he had found groundless, but innovations were soon discovered to replace the notions he had discarded. He carried out a number of fundamental research projects related to the mechanics of the hip joint, its lubrication , and its functional dependance on related muscle groups. This was preformed jointly with colleagues in bio-engineering and led to a series of respected papers and communications at orthopaedic and bio-engineering meetings in Britain and abroad. His discoveries were more than theorectical.

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