Whyte2 Info 2f: Margaret evelyn Newton, 1906-1997, dau of
Mark Goodwin Newton gdau Thomas henry goodwin Newton
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1891 census
source                 RG10 Piece 510  folio  page
Place                  Greenwich Blackheath 
Dwelling               schedule 110, Grooms Hill the Limes(navel school/)

Mark Newton   pupil 13   Scholar                     Ullenhall

1901 census
Source                   RG13 
place                    U

Mark Newton not found is he at sea? 

Mark Newton married junqt1905 to Florence evelyn Warrington-Morris

1911 census 
source                     RG14 PN4465 RD62 SD1 ED15 SN9999 
Place                      Sheerness , Sheppey, Kent
Dwelling                   H M Dockyard 

Mark  G        Newton 33 Married   Lieutenant    Royal Navy        Wooton Warren 

1911 census
Source                     RG14 PN4439 RG78 PN181 RD61 SD1 ED23 SN343 
Place                      Milton Regis near Sittingbourne, Kent
Dwelling                   Coniston,  London Road,  private house 14 rooms

Florence evelyn Newton wife  28  m 5 years children 3         Richmond Surrey
Husband                R.N.
Margaret evelyn Newton  dau   5                              Gillingham Kent
Lysbeth ruth    Newton  dau   3                              Alverstoke Hants
Peter goodwin   Newton  son   1                              Havant Hants
Sophie   Peterson       ser   27  Nurse domestic             Durham South shields 
Ethel mary Symonds      ser   18  Nurse domestic             
Emily Williams          ser   24  Cook 
Lilian kate Smith       ser   28  Palour maid 
Mabel Jenkins           ser   18  Between maid

Margaret Evelyn Newton married 1937 St Giles Ediburgh to John patullo mackie Whyte.

sheet 2

Florence evelyn Warrington-Morris Origins

John Warrington-Morris
b.1828/29  poplar middx
d.junqt1888  aged 59, Richamond Surrey 
m.30apr1878 at Cold ash Church, Berks
Lousley  youngest daughter of Ruth 
b.18jan1846  and Job Lowsley (died 1855)
c.05nov1846  Hampstead Norris(norreys) Berks
d.decqt1908  Farnham aged 62
Walter             Florence           Alfred  
duncan W           evelyn W.          drummond W  
b.decQt1879        b.decqt1882        18dec1883 
Cold Ash Berks     Richmond           Richmond 
d.1956             d.11feb1958        d.24mar1962
|                  | Oban scot        |
|                  |                  |
m.1931             m.junqt1905        m.1909
|                  | Alverstoke       |
|                  |                  |
Constance  may     Mark goodwin       Lilian ruth
Carr               Newton             Staples 
b.01may1895        b.1877                 b.1873 Greenwich?
d.1890             d.1933                 d.sepqt1961
                   John pattullo 
                   mackie Whyte            
Ada Lousley
Source: http://familiespast2present.co.uk/
see - Newsletters 2008 Job Lousley

1881 census
Source:             PRO Ref RG11    Piece 0843    Folio 173    Page 10
Place:              Richmond, Surrey, England
Dwelling:           The Hermitage

                  Rel  Mar Age  Occ                         Birthplace
John W. MORRIS    head  M   52  Architect & Surveyor    Poplar, Middlesex
Adah    MORRIS    wife  M   35                              Hampstead, Berkshire
Walter D. MORRIS  son        1                              Cold Ash, Berkshire

Amelia HOOKER     serv  U   19  Ladys Maid                  St Maws, Cornwall
Ellen  SHOLL      serv  U   24  Nurse Domestic Serv         Truro, Cornwall
Sarah J. LITTLE   serv  U   25  House Maid                  Alworth, Wiltshire
Alice OSGOOD      serv  U   22  Cook                        Cold Ash, Berkshire
William POVEY     serv  U   15  Page Domestic Serv          Cold Ash, Berkshire

sheet 3

1891 census
Source             RG12,  Piece 879,   Folio 26, Page 12
Place              Alverstoke district 8, Hants
Dwelling           Schedule 76, 4 The Hoet 

Adah W       Morris head  *   45      Living on own means    Hampstead Norris Berks
Walter D W   Morris  son     11                              Cold Ash         Berks
Florence E W Morris  dau      8                              Richmond,       Surrey
Alfred D W   Morris  son      7                              Richmond,       Surrey

Amy E       Staples Vistor   22 
Charlotte K Wheeler goveness 22 
Sarah L     Prior   serv     33     Housemaid
Bessie      Roberts serv     23     Cook

* John died 1888 so Ada sould have been recorded as Widow

1901 census
Source            RG13, Piece 1137 folio 58, page 5 
place             Hampstead Norris, district 7, Berks
Dwelling          Church Street Vicarage , Schedule 40 

Horace A    Lowsley  head   S  30   Clerk in Holy Orders        
Naomi E     Lowsley  sister s  24 
Adah W      Morris   aunt   W  55   Living on own means 

Emily    Collins     serv   s  21  cook
Agnes A    Welch     serv   s  14  housemaid 

Havn't found her daughter Florence in the 1901
has she been sent to Finishing school in europe
Adah died decqt1908 Farnham aged 62

sheet 4

Walter Duncan Warrington-Morris

elder brother of Florence evelyn
London Gazette, 4th July 1899
The undermentioned Gentlemen Cadets,
from the Royal Military Acadmey,
to be Second Leiutenants,
Dated 25th June 1899:-
Walter Duncan Warrington-Morris

1911 census
Source   Non Commission officers
Place   Arabia Cyprus and Gilbralter

Walter duncan W. Morris  s  31  Captain  7th Company R.G.A.      Cold Ash Berks

Walter duncan married decqt1931 Lewisham to
Constance may richards Carr
born 1st may 1895

1911 census
Source            Piece 2723, Folio 
Place             Lewisham district 29 Eltham Kent
Dwelling          Mottisfont, Court Road 

Samuel Richards    Carr head 62  M 27 yrs East India Merchant   Nottingham
Kate               Carr 50   6 children 4 living                Worthing sussex
Katharine Richards Carr 26                                      Singapore
Constance May Richards Carr 15                                  Blackheath, kent

Ellen Margaret Martin serv 48   House maid
Constance Eva  Foot   serv 28   Paulour maid
Ada            Peck   serv 33   Cook
Walter duncan died sepqt1956 Brighton Sussex aged 76
Constance may died sepqt1980 Worthing Sussex aged 95

sheet 5

Alfred Drummond Warrington-Morris

younger brother of Florence Evelyn Alfred Joined the Royal Navy in 1899
London Gazette, 17th June 1904
Admirality 13th june 1904
The under mentioned acting Sub-Lieutenants
have been confirmed in the rank of
Sub-Lieutenant in his Majesty's Fleet
Alfred Drummond Warrington-Morris
Dated: 18th December 1902
London Gazette, 6th January 1905
The undermentioned Sub Lieutenants
have been promoted to Lieutenants
to be Leiutenants,
In his Majesty's Fleet:-
Alfred Drummond Warrington-Morris

Alfred drummond Warrington-Morris
Married sepqt1909 Kensington
Lillian ruth Staples

source         RG13, piece 2358 folio 78,  page 28
place          Clifton Bristol 
Dwelling       32 West Mall

Lilian R Staples  boarder  s  27  on own means                     London
Born ? Maria? Routh Staples junqt1873 Greenwich

1911 census
Source         Piece 34971, page 401
Place          Royal Navy, Misc Locations, 
Dwelling      Vessels 

Alfred drummond Warrington-Morris  27 M  Leiutenant Royal Navy    Richmond Surrey

1911 census
Place       Kensington, London
Dwelling   4 St Albans Rd 

Mary Ann Mortimer     Scott head W 79  Private Means 
Sophia Ellen Mortimer Scott dau  s 37 
Lillian Warrington    Morris vist  36  m one yr              Paddington, London
Florence Eliza        Moore 23 
Ethel Gladys Fairbairn 20 
Alfred drummond died marqt 1962 Chelsea aged 78
Lilian ruth died sepqt 1961 Wandsworth aged 85

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