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1871 census
Source                   ED: 1; Page:  11; Line: 9; Roll: CSSCT1871_57;
Place                    Strathmartine;
Dwelling                 Schedule 45, Farm House 

Alexander   Pattullo Head 47  Farmer Of 300 Of Which 250 Arable 
                              Employing 6 Man 2 Boy And 3 Women      Strathmartine
Isabella    Pattullo wife 39                                   Aberlemno, Forfarshire
Henry       Pattullo  son 15                                   Strathmartine, Forfarshire
Catherine   Pattullo  dau 10                                   Strathmartine, Forfarshire
Arthur A.   Pattullo  son  6                                   Strathmartine, Forfarshire
John   H    Pattullo  son  5                                   Strathmartine, Forfarshire
Isabella M  Pattullo  dau  3                                   Strathmartine, Forfarshire
Helen       Pattullo  dau  2                                   Strathmartine, Forfarshire
William L   Pattullo  son  1                                   Strathmartine, Forfarshire
Mary      Myles       ser  37  Nurse                           Liff & Benvie, Forfarshire
Agnes     Malcolm     ser  22  Cook                            Fowlis, Perthshire
Elizabeth Robbie      ser  18  Table maid                      Tannadice, Forfarshire

1881 census
Source:	              GRO Ref  Volume 307-2   Enum Dist 1  Page 17
Place:                Strathmartine, Forfar, Scotland
Dwelling:             Farm House (Strathmartine Castle)

                           Rel  Mar Age    Occ                     Birthplace
Alexander         PATTULLO  Head M  55     Farmer 275 Ac 26 Ar     Strathmartine, Forfart
                                           Emp 6 Men 2 Boys 2 Girls
Isabella          PATTULLO  Wife M  49                             Aberlemno, Forfar
Henry Arklay      PATTULLO  son  U  25     Solicitor               Strathmartine, Forfar
Catherine         PATTULLO  dau  U  20                             Strathmartine, Forfar
Arthur Alexander  PATTULLO  son  U  16     Apprentice Engineer     Strathmartine, Forfar
John Henderson    PATTULLO  Son     15     Scholar                 Strathmartine, Forfar
Isabella Mary     PATTULLO  dau     13     Scholar                 Strathmartine, Forfar
Hellen            PATTULLO  dau     12     Scholar                 Strathmartine, Forfar
William Langlands PATTULLO  son     11     Scholar                 Strathmartine, Forfar
Jane YOUNG	Serv             U  26     Cook                    Airlie, Forfar
Jessie TASKAR	Serv.            U  18     house maid              Kirriemuir, Forfar

1891 census 
source                   ED: 15; Page:  9; Line: 2; Roll: CSSCT1891_94;
Place                    Dundee  Angus
Dwelling                 18 King's Road

Catherine Pattullo  head   36   House Keeper                 Dundee Forfarshire
Isabella  Pattullo  sister 24   Dress Maker                  Dundee

Isabella Married circa 1894 John Mackie Whyte
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