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1851 census
Piece            sct1851/121  Enu district 5  folio 96 page 7 shed 31
Place            Boghole, Audearn Nairn

                 Rel   Mar   Age    Occ                                Birthplace
John    Whyte    head   m    33     Minister UP of Boghole chapple     Kinross
Mary    Whyte    34     m    34                                        Inverness
Jean    Glass    niece  u     6     Scholar                            Kinross

William Whyte    vist   u    26     Merchant Draper                    Kinross
William Glass    vist   u    13     Apprentice Draper                  Kinross 
Given John 1st marriage was in 1844,
it appears that his first wife may not have been able to have children,
So was Jean Glass "adopted" as it seems odd to send her to live with an uncle at such a young age

1871 census 
source           CSSCT1871_23  ED5 
place           Auldearn, Nairnshire           
Dwelling        Schedule 44, W P Manse of Moyness   

John            Whyte  head  53   Minister                    Kinross
Janet wyse      Whyte  wife  41                               Ediburgh Midlothian
John  mackie    Whyte   son  12   Scholar                     Auldearn
William white   Whyte   son  10   Scholar                     Auldearn                            
Elizabeth helen Whyte   dau   9   Scholar                     Auldearn
James mackie    Whyte   son   5   Scholar                     Auldearn
Marion caroline Whyte   dau   1                               Auldearn
Wm          Whyte   brother  46   Draper                      Kinross
Ann  Kells              ser  28                               Auldearn 
Ann  mclellan           ser  16                               Rofford Morayshire

1881 Census
Source:                 FHL Film 0203429     GRO Ref    Volume 121   
                        Enum Dist 5    Page 5
Place:                  Audearn, Nairn, Scotland
Dwelling:               UP Manse Moyness

                        Rel      Age     Occ                    Birthplace 
John            Whyte   Head     63      Minister UP Church     Kinross, Kinross
Janet W.        Whyte   wife     51 	                        Edinburgh 
John Mackie     Whyte   son      21      medical student     in Edinburgh
William         Whyte   son      20      Law Apprentice         Auldearn, Nairn
Elizabeth helen Whyte   dau      19  living with deceased aunt's husband see below
James M.        Whyte   son      15      Scholar               Auldearn, Nairn
Marion C.       Whyte   dau      11      Scholar               Auldearn, Nairn  
George F.       Whyte   son       8      Scholar               Auldearn, Nairn 
Isabella watson Whyte   dau       3  living with uncle see below 

1881 Census
Source:	             GRO Ref    Volume 685-4   Enum Dist 73    Page 1 
Place:               Edinburgh Buccleuch, Edinburgh, Scotland
Dwelling:            31 Buccleuch Place 

Andrew HAYNE	     Head    M    39    Comm Clerk                 Kingskettle, Fife
Marion Hunter HAYNE  wife    M    38    Comm Clerks Wife           Glasgow, Renfrew

John Mackie WHYTE    Boarder U    22    M A Student Of Medicine    Auldearn, Nairn

1881 Census
Place:              Nairn, Nairn, 
Source:	            GRO Ref   Volume 123    Enum Dist 7   Page 10
Dwelling:           1 Castle Lane Off High St 

William LESLIE	    Head     W    54    Provost Of Nairn Druggist    Alves, Elgin 
Mary Ann LESLIE	    Dau      U    25    Provosts Daughter            Nairn, Nairn 

Elizabeth H. WHYTE  Niece    U	  19    Ministers Daughter           Auldearn, Nairn

1881 Census
Source:             GRO Ref    Volume 123   Enum Dist 10    Page 14
Place:              Nairn, Nairn, Scotland
Dwelling:           Viewfield St. Park Villa 

William Whyte       Head      U   56      Draper                    Kinross, Kinross
Jeanie Glass        Niece     U   35      House Keeper              Kinross, Kinross

Isabella  Whyte     Niece          3                                Forres, Elgin

1891 census
source             CSSCT1891_356  Ed 85
Place                 Newington Edinburgh Liberton Midlothian
Dwelling              Pitfar  

Janet W  Whyte  wife  61                            Edinburgh
George F Whyte  son   18   Student of Medicine      Audearn
Ella W   Whyte  dau   13   Scholar                  Audearn (Isabella)
Mary J Fullerton serv 22                            Aberdean

1891 census
Source               CSSCT1891_323  ED4
Place                Stonehouse Lanarkshire
Dwelling             schedule 160,  UP Manse Road

H A Patterson  head 72   Minister                     Midmar Aberdearshire
Isabella Taylor ser 48   Housekeeper                  Saltcots Ayrshire 
John    Whyte   vis 73   Retired Minister             Kinross 

John Whyte died in 1894

1901 census 
Source              CSSCT1901_100  ed 19 page 24 schedule 122
Place               Dundee, Angus
Dwelling            10 Wellington Street 

George F  Whyte  head    28     General Waebbever?(practitioner?)    Auldearn, Nairnshire
Janet  T? Whyte  mother  71                               Midlothian
Ella   N? Whyte  sister  23                               Auldearn, Nairnshire

Mary S Knowles   servant 20                               Herore, Kincardinshire

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