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Jean b.1814 John b.1817 Mary b.1819 William b.1824

Elizabeth Whyte 1821 - before1881
          Elizabeth Whyte 4th child of  John Whyte and Elizabeth Christie
          c.04nov1821 Kinross
          d.  not in 1881 and William is listed as a widow
          m.10sep1853 Nairn,Nairn (M111214)
          William                                      Info 1a, 1881 Census William Leslie
          c.13dec1826/7 not found in IGI
          | children born Nairn
          |===============|=============||             Info 1b; 1881 Census Eliza whyte Leslie
          Eliza           Mary
          whyte           ann            
          b.30jun         b.22nov1855    (C111231)
          c.12jul         c.
          d.              d.
          |               |
          m. ?            m.after1881                      Info 1c; 1901 Census, Mary ann and George Martin
          |               |       
          Alexander       Rev. George (currie)        
          Taylor ?        Martin            
          of Nairn        b.1865/6 Edinburgh

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