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1871 census 
Source            RG10, Piece 1824, Folio 61, Page 3
Place             Hingham, Norfolk  
Dwelling          Hardingham rd , schedule 13 

George   Fisher  head M 42  Dealer 
Harriet  Fisher  head M 40          
George   Fisher  14 
Lucy     Fisher  13
Susanna  Fisher  11
Emma     Fisher   9
John     Fisher   8
Charles  Fisher   4
Eliza    Fisher   1

Emigrated 4th dec 1875 on Rangitiki
arrived Caterbury NZ 16 feb 1876.
assisted emigration cost to Goverment 16
Geo. F Skipper single age 19 Farm Lab

George fisher Skipper
married 20th September 1890 NZ Margaret Howell
Source: NZ BMD

Auckland Star, 8th August 1889
George Skipper, petitioner,
Emily jane Skipper, respondant,
and Fred Clay, Co-repondant.
Motion for dissolution of Marriage (decree nisi),
and permanant coustody of children

Bay of Plenty, Opotiki Electorate 1893 & 1896

George   Skipper, Residence: Opotiki, Occupation: Brewer
Margaret Skipper, Residence: Opotiki, Occupation: Domestic duties

Auckland Star, 10th May 1893
Fire at Opotiki,
The Brewery here was totaly destroyed by fire last night. It was insured in the Union Office, but I am unable to ascertain the amount. The property was valued at 1,000.
Upon inquiring at the local office of the Union Insurance Company we are informed that the company has a policy over an old brewery know as "Skipper's" to the extent of 75.
1914 Skipper George, Opotiki, brewer

Opotiki School Addmissions

Ida Skipper;        Register No. 0366 former No.0187
Admission Date;     4 Aug 1903
Parent/Guardian;    Mr George SKIPPER
Address;            Opotiki
Birthdate;          3rd Jan 1890
Last School;        Opouriao
Last Day;           16 dec 1903
Destination;        Service

George Skipper;     Register no. 0188
Admission date;     12 Dec 1889
parent/gardian;     Mr. George Skipper
Address;            St John St. 
Birhdate;           30 Jul 1892
Last day            22 Dec 1899 died!  (02feb1900)

May Skipper;        Register No. 0246
Admission Date;     13 May 1901
Parent/Guardian;    Mr George SKIPPER
Address;            St John St.
Birthdate;          10 May 1896
Last School;        None
Last Day;           02 Jun 1910
Destination;        Home

Eva ?

Kate Skipper;       Register No. 0496 former No.
Admission Date;     26th Feb 1906
Parent/Guardian;    Mr George SKIPPER
Address;            Opotiki
Birthdate;          26th feb 1901
Last School;        None
Last Day;           
Destination;        Convent

Una Skipper;        Register No. 0570 former No.
Admission Date;     9th Jul 1907
Parent/Guardian;    Mr George SKIPPER
Address;            Opotiki
Birthdate;          7th Jul 1902
Last School;        None
Last Day;           
Destination;        Convent

Date of Interment
Given Name
Late Residence
Where Born
Where Died
Date of Death
Grave No / sec
To whom Sold
1 February 1957

New Zealand
30 January 1957
F8 Lawn
C.C.P. Crosswell

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