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Warwick Argus Qld. , Saturday 18 November 1897, page 7
...Nearer to Sandy Creek, and across the Condamine, is Fullerton Farm, the property of Mr Charles White. Mrs Whites resides on the farm and superintends matters generally. There are 206 1/2 acres in the area.
It is about three months since Mrs White came from Tamworth New South Wales to settle down on upon her newly acquired property. At the time the land was taken up "there was nothing but weeds and timber on the place, and they were no small logs at that" remarked Mrs White.

A good patch of the land has been cleared, 22 acres of which are under wheat, and five under maize. The work done on the farm undoubtedly reflects the energy of Mrs White. A house has been erected, the area fenced and a host of other improvements have been effected. Mrs White is not afraid to work. She harnesses her horse and draws off the logs, she assists in ploughing, and does work that many men would be afraid to do. Even by the moonlight she is engaged in clearing the property, and although there has been a great deal done, Mrs White says there are "whips more to do".

Mrs White feels buoyed up by the reflection she is making headway, and she adds "I am always on the job" The changes wrought on this property, since Mrs Whites arrival, point clearly to what can be accomplished even under the most untoward circumstances...

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The Courier Mail, Brisbane, 5th May 1936
Greenslopes Couple's Golden Wedding
' Sitting in a pretty parlour at their cheerful home at Greenslopes, Mr. Charles Henry White and his wife, who will celebrate their golden wedding on May 13, yesterday gazed through the archway of years, and spoke feelingly of their long association. Mr. White is approaching his 76th birthday and Mrs. White will be 70 in July. She is very interested in the golden, wedding; but she remarked: 'As far as I . am concerned I'll not stay here another 50 years. If Pa would like to celebrate another golden wedding, well, he can make his own arrangements.
Jane Leah But we have been very happy in the last half-century. As a girl I went for a trip round the world with my mother. I met Mr. White in New Zealand, and in 1886 we were married at Whangerei.' ? Nodding pleasantly, Mr. White smiled as 'the flight of thought went across the years, and his experience was summed up in the aphorism, that to keep going one must keep working not withstanding that the years creep on. 'I still do a good deal of work about my garden, and walking keeps me fit,' he. said, 'I was a very heavy smoker during the greater part of my life. I began smoking a pipe when I was a lad at Santry College, near Dublin, but I put aside the weed five years ago.
'I was a commercial traveller, and spent many years on the' road selling various kinds of merchandise. I also travelled for a wine and spirit firm, and included tobacco in my lines. Al though I sold cigars I was never keen on them; they never satisfied me. The old pipe arid a plug of dark tobacco suited my taste.'
Mr. and Mrs. White left New Zealand and lived, for a time in Tamworth, New South Wales. Finally, they came to Queensland, and settled on a farm at Wheatvale, about 18 miles from Warwick. There their interests were centred for 30 years, but Mr. White did not leave the road, as he had to make the money to keep the farm going; His wife supervised the rural enterprise, and one little straw she drew from the sheaf of experience was, 'Farming is all right, but you cannot make the seasons.' While farming, Mrs. White spent much of her time among the good people on the land; she worked with them and for them, and the many services she rendered have placed her on the honoured roll of 'The Women of the West.'

Eight years ago she and her, husband came to live in Brisbane. She was born in Collins Street, Melbourne. Mr. White is a native of Queen's County, Ireland, and 'his father, was Mr. Peter Richard White, of Tinraheen House, Ballacolla'. They have two sons and one daughter. One of the sons, is Mr.M. C. P. White, clerk of the Glengallan Shire Council, Warwick, and, the other Is Mr J. C. White, of Brisbane, who is a well-known tennis player. The daughter. Mrs. D. Turner, lives at Green slopes, not far from her parents' home.
According to Mr. C. H. White his good health is largely due to the fact that he is of calm , temperament, but Mrs. White claims that, she has kept in the running on account of her inclination for an energetic life. 'My heart is still sound,' said the husband, tapping his chest confidently. 'Of course it is; you gave it to me 50 years ago,' said the wife, with a tremor in her voice,

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