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The 2nd Settlers Hotel Built 1876

Source:Drummond Te Wake Collection ,The Northern Advocate.

In 1881 Sussanah Harriet Fuller (snr.) became the proprieter of the recently rebuilt Settlers hotel and the following year took a Mortgage to buy the Settlers' encompasing several surrounding lots 28,29,30,31,32 on the corner of Cameron and walton St. Wangarie for 2500. from Robert Thompson who had built it in 1876.
She appears in the Electorial Roll for Whangarie in 1882
Susannah harriet Fuller Hotel keeper , Freeholder 2024

In September 1886 Susannah became ill and started to put her affairs in order On the 15th October 1886, shortly before she died, Susannah leased the hotel for a 10 year period to Charles henry Humphreys for 260 first year and 312 thereafter. she also wrote 2 wills at 10 days interval.
Northern Advocate 12 March 1887
Notice to Creditors
All pearsons having caims against the estate of Susannnah harriet Fuller, late of Whangarei, widow, deceased, are required to forward particulars of such claims forthwith to the undersigned.
Dated 24th February 1887.
Queen-street Auckland
Solicitor for the Executors.

Following Susannah's death on 13th December 1886 there followed a protracted legal dispute over her revised will, following this the mortgage was not paid, as a result Robert Thompson exercised his right under the terms of the mortgage and put the Hotel up for Auction, at which it sold for 1870, some 630 less than the Mortgage it is not clear if he also had a claim on the residue of Susannah's Estate.

B. TONKS & CO. Have received instructions to sell on Friday, October 28th, at 12 o'clock,
Being Lots 28, 29, 30, 31, and 32, Section 9, sub-division of part of Carruth's grant, Whangarei, with the hotel known as " The Settlers'," and all other buildings thereon erected.
The property is at present leased for 10 years from the 15th day of October, 1886, at an annual rental of 312.
This well and favourably known hostelry is centrally situated in the thriving Township of Whangarei, and possesses a steady, lucrative business. As an investment it is safe and will undoubtedly improve in value as Whangarei advances.
For full particulars apply to B. TONKS & CO., Auctioneers
map of Settlers hotel lots

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