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Auckland Star, 11th March 1901
On February 14th, 1901, at the residence of Mr F. Walker, Mt. Eden, by-the Rev. B. Dudley, Andrew, third son of Mr A. Moncur, Mt. Eden, to Helen (Nellie), fourth daughter of Mr R. J. Vercoe, Helensville.

VERCOE Origins

                         Philip Vercoe
                         c.31dec1775 St Austell, Cornwall, England
                         |               born St Mawes Cornwall
 Jane        Philip      Samuel     John        Bryant       Martha       Mary      
 b.21mar1802 b.13oct1803 b.1805    b.09aug1807  b.23oct1809  b.28jun1812  b.06nov1814
             c,                                 c.23oct1809  c.   
             d.21feb1884                        d.1881       d.NZ
                                                |  New Plymouth NZ
                                                m.11jun1837 in 
                                                |  St Just in Roseland, Cornwall
                                                d.1883 Auckland NZ
  James             Richard 
  b.~1839           james           
  d.06dec1841       b.29jan1842  At sea on the Timandra
  at sea            d.28sep1922  258 Great North Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland, NZ
                    m.13mar1862 folio 0139
                    b.23mar1843 in St Teath, Cornwall, England
                    d.23nov1928 in Marama Terrace, Birkenhead, Auckland     
James     Richard   Elizabeth Charles   Emma      Lily      Helen        John      Lucy
oxenbury  (dick)    jane      edward    |         mabel     (Nellie)     snell     may
b.1863    b.1865    b.1867    b.1869    b.1871    b.1874    b.20jan1877  b.1881    b.1883

Bryant and brother Philip and their families emigrated to NZ on the
Timandra from Plymouth 2 November 1841 - arrived New Plymouth 23 February 1842.

Voyage of the Timandra Source: Denis and Peter's OurStuff - passenger lists

Fatal Success - A History of the New Zealand Company
"....Dr George Forbes, who sailed from Plymouth for New Plymouth on the Timandra that same year, reported a quiet cabin and in the steerage 'a little Ireland or hell of swearing, filth, theft and pilfering'.
In despair, he drew up 'a new code of Regulations', and did his best to enforce them despite his passengers' tendency 'to do nothing from morn till night but make puddings, compositions of bacon & fat, eat & cook, eternally eating, cooking, baking ....'. some nearly killed themselves and their children 'by down right cramming'.
They lived together, Forbes wrote, 'not as a community, but everyone for himself, and himself for his belly. Still the work is done - the routine followed out, and will too, but with difficulties.' There were good men among them, 'at present eclipsed, as the Brookings, Harrison, Allan, Treweek, Clare, Vercoes, Prout'."

The Vercoe website of Dorothy eleanor Vercoe decendant of John Snell Vercoe b.1880 brother of Helen
Vercoe Family Trees Vercoe and related family trees visit the website of Gary Young
(decendant of Philip Vercoe b.1803 whoes family also came to NZ)
Young Family Website

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