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1851 census 
source            ED: 7; Page: 12; Line: 16; Roll: CSSCT1851_95
place            Kinross
dwelling         West Side Main Street, Schedule 63

William Glass  head 44          Woollen Warper & Weaver
Jean    Glass  wife 36 
Janet   Glass  dau  11                                        Kinross
John    Glass  son   9 
Mary    Glass  dau   5 
Thomas  Glass  son   1 

1861 census
source                ED: 3; Page: 12; Line: 13; Roll: CSSCT1861_61.
place                 Orwell, Kinrosshire
Dwelling              Schedule 53, Blairhead 

James Reddie 	head   42      Farmer                         Orwell
Janet Reddie 	mother 72                                     Arngask, Fifeshire
Jane  Glass 	serv   20                                     Kinross

1861 census
source                ED: 3; Page: 24; Line: 9;  Roll: CSSCT1861_61
place                 Kinross
dwelling              High Street, schedule 156

John   Moncur   head 48 Shoemaker (master Employing 14 Men 42 Boy)  Cleish, Kinrosshire
Mary   Moncur   wife 63                                  Glasgow St Idmes, lanark-sh
Andrew Moncur   son  21 Journeyman Shoemaker                     St Enoch, Lanarkshire
Mary  Kilgour  niece 17 Domestic Servant                          St Anns, lanark-sh

1871 census
source          ED: 4; Page: 25; Line: 9; Roll: CSSCT1871_79  
place            Kinross 
Dwelling         High Street, Schedule 160 

Andrew   Moncur  head  31  Shoe Maker                            Glasgow, Lanarkshire
Jessie   Moncur  wife  31                                        Kinross
John     Moncur  son    6                                        Kinross
Jeanie   Moncur  dau    4                                        Kinross
Mary     Moncur  dau    3                                        Kinross
William  Moncur  son    2                                        Kinross

1881 Census
Source:         GRO Ref   Volume 644-6   Enum Dist 2   Page 11
Place:          Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland
Dwelling:       4 Catherine Street

                Rel.   Marr   Age     Occ.                Birthplace
Andrew  MONCUR  Head    M     41      Shoemaker           Glasgow, Lanark,
Jessie  MONCUR  Wife    M     41                          Kinross, Kinross
John    MONCUR  son     U     16      Printer,compositer  Kinross, Kinross
Jeannie MONCUR  dau     U     14                          Kinross, Kinross
Mary    MONCUR  dau     U     13                          Kinross, Kinross
William MONCUR  son           12      Scholar             Kinross, Kinross
Jessie  MONCUR  dau            9      Scholar             Kinross, Kinross
Andrew  MONCUR  son            6      Scholar             Kinross, Kinross
Thomas  MONCUR  son            4                          Kinross, Kinross
David   GLASS   boader  U     21      Drapers salesman    Kinross, Kinross

1851 census KINROSS Moncur John 48 KRS Cleish Kinross book7 shed 59 Moncur Mary A 50 LKS Glasgow Moncur Andrew 11 LKS Glasgow Kinross book7 shed 59 note the Glass family are at Kinross book7 shed 63 just a few doors away
Possible candidates for the parents marriage: Marriage: 18 May 1834 John MONCUR Spouse: Mary ANDERSON Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland LDS has them with 1 daughter: MARY MONCUR Event(s): Christening: 11 Jun 1837 Associate Session, Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland Andrew anderson Moncur parents John Moncur, Mary Anderson born 9 dec 1839 christened 29 dec 1839 Associate Session Congregation, Glasgow, Lanark
1881 census Source: GRO Ref Volume 462 EnumDist 3 Page 14 Place: Kinross, Kinross, Scotland Dwelling: Sandport Rel Mar Age Occ Birthplace Andrew MONCUR Head W 66 Farm lab Cleish, Kinross Margaret ARNOT U 75 Houskeeper Portmoak, Kinross Margaret MONCUR Gdau 12 Scholar Portmoak, Kinross Janet MONCUR Gdau 9 Scholar Kinross, Kinross
1881 census Source: GRO Ref Volume 457 EnumDist 5 Page 6 Dwelling: Bannety Farm House Place: Strathmiglo, Fife, Scotland Rel Marr Age Occ Birthplace Andrew MONCUR Head M 33 Ag Lab Kinross, Kinross Helen MONCUR wife M 34 Kilmany, Fife Andw. MONCUR son 10 Scholar Beath, Fife James R. MONCUR son 5 Scholar Cleish, Kinross David A. MONCUR son 3 Strathmiglo, Fife

Is Margaret Arnot a relative of his deceased wife

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