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Territorial Force
19th February 1912; Attestation of No.1583, 
Name; William Watson Morton,   Corps 6th Scotish Rifles (Cameronian)

Birth - Parish of; Spinisburn, Town of Glasgow, County; Lanark
British subject; Yes, Age 30, Trade; Breaksman, 
Employer; Stewart & Loyds Ltd, Appentice; No
Present address;  2 Shawburn St., Burnbank,, Married; Yes, 
Are you presently in the Forces; No, Ever been in Forces;    No, Been a cadet; No,
Rejected for Militery Service;   No, Did you recieve Notice; Yes
Are you willing to be Attested in the term of 4 Years;
 serving in the County of Lanark  6th Scot. Rifles; Yes

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