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Notes by:- Helen lamont-Wood nee Hastie

George went to Glasgow and met his future wife Annie Barrie. Sometime after Isabella was born in 1865. He worked in the woollen mills of Glasgow, probably from a very young age and probably to help support his large family of siblings. His departure from Avoch may have been precipitated by the closure of the local woollen Mill.

The family Emigrates. It was said by George's Daughter Elizabeth (to my mother Pamela Hastie ) that Annie did not want to go to New Zealand. George apparently took the youngest son George (aged 17) to New Zealand with him in 1909?, 1911 census shows George snr. back in Scotland, but on his return confessed that he had left George jnr. in NZ , so that Annie would be sure to emigrate., which she and George did in 1912 with children Charles , Jennie.

Aunt Elizabeth also said that Jemima was known as "wee Mima" by the family. Aunt Elizabeth also told my mother that their uncle, David , had been a seafarer, possibly a captain, and had told George about New Zealand after one of his voyages was shipwrecked off the N.Z. Coast. The last that Aunt Elizabeth knew about David was that he had 'gone to Samoa'.

The New Zealand Shipping company, Limited.
Ship; Paparoa    Departing 22nd January 1909
Passengers Embarked at the Port of London, 3rd Class for New Zealand
SurName Forname Occuptation Destination
McClymont Mr. George Grocer Wellington
McClymont Mr. G Clerk Wellington

The New Zealand Shipping company, Limited.
Ship; S.S. Remuera    Departing 12th December 1912
Passengers Embarked at the Port of London, 3rd Class for Wellington, NZ
TicketSurname Forname Occuptation M. Age F. Age
5118 McClymont Mrs. A.B. Housewife   54
5118 McClymont Mrs H. Housewife   35
5118 McClymont Mast. G   5  
5119 McClymont Mr. G. Factory Worker 56  
5119 McClymont Mr. C. Clerk 22  
5119 McClymont Mr. J. Foundry Worker 37  
5119 McClymont Mast. J.   9  
511? McClymont Miss J. *listed sepreately   17

*** Jennie McClymont 17 listed seperate page from family (single women)
Remuera, built 1911,arrived Wellington on the evening of 3rd February 1913, this was just the 4th trip to NZ,
New Zealand Herald,   4th February 1913
Wellington, Monday..: The steamer Remuera, which arrived this evening from London, brought 555 passengers, of whom 434 are in the third-class.
The assisted immigrants number 130, comprising 25 men, 56 women, and 49 children. Thirty-five adults .arid 43 children were nominated by relatives in New Zealand, while 46 adults and six children were approved by the High Commissioner. Seventeen of the women in the third-class are rejoining their husbands.
The assisted passengers include 28 domestics, 14 farm labourers, and three farmers.
New Zealand Herald,   5th February 1913
Wellington, Tuesday. Of the large number of immigrants who arrived last evening by the Remuera, only about twenty have so far applied to the Labour Department in search of work; - As nearly all were- prepared for country employment,- no difficulty was found in placing the applicants.

In the following years several of the married children followed.:-
Annie henderson mason McClymont (Burns) probably emigarated same time, as her first child was born nz 1913 she remarried? 1914 Robert Burns

Donald McClymont florence and 2 children Violet and Doris emmigrated in 1915

Jemima McClymont husband William watson Morton and 2 children Annie and Marion emmigrated to nz in 1921
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