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The McClymont origins were confused due to George changing his surname from McLeman some time after 1871

IGI film C 110591 George McLeman bapt 14 jun1855 to Donald McLeman and Issabella Patience , family records have his birth as 10 june

family not found so far in 1871 census either as McLeman or McClymont

1871 census
source             ED: 2A; Page: 12; Line: 24; Roll: CSSCT1871_17.
place             Inverness 
Dwelling          Lower Stackbuil 

Thomas    Gollan   head  70   Farm Manager             Inverness 
Isabella  Gollan   wife  60                            Inverness
Margret   Gollan    dau  26                            Inverness
Elizabeth Gollan    dau  24                            Inverness
Jeremia   Forbes    serv 15                            Inverness
George    Mclennan* serv 15    Herd                    Avoch, Rosshire

Census 1881
Source:    GRO Ref    Volume 624      Enum Dist 3    Page 2
Place:     Blantyre, Lanark, Scotland ( 5 miles SE of glasgow)
Dwelling:  Newlands 
George     McClymont head age 25 Gen Lab  Avoch,Ross and Cromarty,scot.
Annie      McClymont wife age 23          Blantyre,Lanrkshire,Scot.
Helen      McClymont dau  age  4          Blantyre
Isabella   McClymont dau  age  2          Blantyre
Annie      McClymont dau  age  4m         Blantyre

Helen      Barrie    mother in law age 52 Blantyre
           formerly Dye Worker

1891 census
source             Blantyre; ED: 6; Line: 16; Year: 1891.
place              Blantyre Lanackshire
dwelling           Waterloo street, shed 209 

George    McClymont head 35   Power Loom Beamer        Avoch Roshire
Annie     McClymont wife 33                            Blantyre Lanacshire
Helen     McClymont  dau 14   Textile Weaver           
Isabella  McClymont  dau 12   
Annie H M McClymont  dau 10   Scholar 
Donald    McClymont  son  7   Scholar
Elizabeth McClymont  dau  5  
Jemima    McClymont  dau  3  
Charles   McClymont  son  1 

Helen     Barrie     MIL  63                            Blantyre Lanacshire

1901 census
source             ED: 23; Line: 5; Roll: CSSCT1901_339  
place              Hamilton, Lanacshire
Dwelling           Reid Street RoseAvoch 

George     McClymont  head 45  Weavers Beamer              Avoch Rossshire
Annie      McClymont  wife 43  
Helen      McClymont  dau  24 
Isabella   McClymont  dau  22   
Annie M    McClymont  dau  20 
Donald     McClymont  son  17 
Elizabeth  McClymont  dau  15  
Jemima     McClymont  dau  13  
Charles    McClymont  son  11   Scholar                       Low Blantyre
George     McClymont  son   8   Scholar                       Low Blantyre
Jeanie     McClymont  dau   5                                 Low Blantyre

Helen M    Barrie     MIL  73  

1911 census
source          647/27/34
place          Hamilton, fifth Ward, Burnbank parish, Lanarkshire
dwelling      schdule 216, Reid Street, Rose Avoch 

George  McClymont head 55 m    Beamer Cloths Factory worker         Avoch. Ross & Crom.
Annie j McClymont wife 53 m  34 yrs  children 9                     Blantyre, Lanark
Charles McClymont son  21 s     Clerk   Railway worker              Blantyre
schedule 217
John      Hastie  head 36  m   Labourer  Iron Foundry               Larkhill, Lanark
Helen     Hastie  wife 34  m   9 yrs 2 children                     Blantyre
Jack      Hastie  son   8      School                               High Blantyre
George    Hastie  son   4                                           High Blantyre

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