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McLeman-McClymont ORIGINS

It is Family lore that the McLeman family were part of the Clan Lamont, who were originally situated in Argyll shire. The Clan Seat was Castle Toward in that region.
In 1646 a massacre by the Clan Campbell occurred. The massacre was merciless and included the hanging of 30 clansmen and the murder of many women and children- in all, 200 people were murdered. The Castle Toward was sacked and much of the Lamont lands taken.
Many of the the Lamonts removed themselves from their clan lands, often changing their names to avoid detection by the Campbells, and were dispersed throughout Scotland, Ireland England and Wales. Many Lamonts remained in the region, however and it is only relatively recently that the Clan Chief moved from the traditional seat of Ardlamont House in Argyllshire.
The current Clan Chief is a Catholic Priest who resides in Marayong, N.S.W. Australia. The Lamont connection to my knowledge has not been verified with primary sources, and there are some other theories as to where the Macleman family name came from.
Possible origins of Duncan McLeman b.circa 1806

       John   McLeman 
       Donald McLeman 
       b.1777/8 Avoch
       |          Children born Avoch
  Margaret     Alexander    Donald       Hugh         Katherine     Donald**     James      
  b.12dec1798  b.13feb1801  b.10jun1803  b.02jan1806  b.14oct1808   b.16jul1811? b.02mar1815
  d.           d.           d.           d.           d.            d.           d.

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