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Wairarapa Age, 18th May 1917

Voters list

19 aug 1941 WW2 ballot list, Rotorua, 
George McClymont Iorns,  Plasterer, care of Goverment Sanatorium Rotorua

1944 WW2 Embarkation
156103,  George McClymont Iorns, Single, Pte, Inf. Reinf., Rotorua, Plasterer, 
Goverment Sanatorium Rotorua, 
Next of Kin, MNother - Mrs J.B. Smith, 73 Richmond Road, Ponsanby, Auckland

1946 Arch Hill, Auckland (with parent)
6105, George McClymont Iorns, 75 Richmond Road, Clicker

1949 Otahuihu, Aukland
George McClymont   Iorns, Pigeon Mt. Rd. Pakaranga, Frmn Pekr
Patricia charlotte Iorns, Pigeon Mt. Rd. married
1949 Parnell Auckland
George McClymont Iorns,  41 St. Stevens Avenue, G4, Assur. Agent

1954 Otahuhu, Aukland
Patricia charlotte Iorns, Pigeon Mount road, married

1957 Otahuhu, Auckland
Patricia charlote Iorns, Sunderland Road, Pakuranga, domestic
George McClymont died? 1995
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