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Children ADOPTED
Joyce betty Astle born 17 December 1926, died 24sep 2001 North shore Auckland
she married Keith edward Shoebridge  27feb1927

.Name: Joyce Betty ASTLE 
.Sex: F 
.Birth: 17 DEC 1926 
.Death: 24 SEP 2001 in North Shore Hospital, Auckland, NZ 
.Event: Cause of Death (2) Brain Hemorrhage 
.Burial: 28 SEP 2001 Cremated 
.ADDR: 3/3 Taikata Rd
Te Atatu Peninsula

Joyce was adopted at 15 months by Hazel and Ernest ASTLE friends of the family.
She believed she was an only child when she started researching her family and
discovered that she had been adopted.
She found out that she had 4 sisters and 2 brothers in 2000 about a year
before she died. Her real mother's name was Marjorie Jessie HOMER.

Sisters and brothers were :-
Valerie ( known as Bo) MARTIN, married name ASBEY-PALMER.
Raewyn MARTIN, married name SHRUBB.
Judy MARTIN , married name SPINKS.
Mary MARTIN, married name OLSON.
Joseph Brian MARTIN.

( as told to me by Bo ASBEY-PALMER at Joyce's funeral on 28 September 2001. )

.Name: Ernest Keith ASTLE 
.Sex: M 
.Birth: 1900 
.Death: JUN 1964 
.Event: School Attended i Painter 
.ADDR: 105 Clonbern Rd

(By Telegraph - Press Association.) NEW PLYMOUTH, This Day. 
Bernard Reginald Murray, ageo. 39, a carpenter, 
and his wife, Mabel Myrtle Frances Murray, aged 33, were each sentenced to 
three months' imprisonment, and Ernest Keith Astle, aged 35, 
a painter, to one month's imprisonment, 
by Mr.-.W. H. Woodward, S.M., in the Police Court. 
The three had pleaded guilty to 26 charges of theft and one of receiving. 
The "offences, which extended ,over a year from August, 1934, 
were committed from clothes lines and washhouses  at New Plymouth 
and parked cars. All three were also given two years' probation
 a condition being that they are not to go to dances or drive or 
ride in motor-cars after dark during that period.

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