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Taranaki Herald, 31st August 1908
On August 26, 1908, at the residence of the bride's parents,
John Henry, second son of Mr Arthur Wells, of Staffordshire, England,
to Ethel Annie, third daughter of Mr George Gunson, Fitzroy,
and granddaughter of the late Captain C. F. Mann, of Auckland.
Wellington and Auckland papers please copy.
Auckland Star, 8th January 1914
John Henry Wells, arrested on warrant on a charge of failing to comply with an order for the maintenance of his wife and children, was remanded to appear at New Plymouth on the 15th inst.
Bail was granted in two sureties of 50 each.

Hawera & Normanby Star, 17 January 1914
Local and General
A case which revealed a sordid side of married life was heard in the Magistrate's Court-on Friday before Mr A. Crooke, S.M.,
when Ethel Annie Wells (Mr A. H. Johnstone) applied (says the New Plymouth Daily News) for* a maintenance order for herself and three children (the eldest of whom is four years of age) against her husband, John Henry Wells.
She also applied for a separation order and for the custody of the children.
It transpired that the defendant and his wife had been residing at Opunake in November, 1912.
Defendant then went to Marton, and from there he sent small sums of money, but since then his wife had heard nothing of him until his recent arrest in Auckland. She had been in receipt of charitable aid in the meantime, and a child was born during his absence.
The defendant stated that he was a cook, earning 30s per week and his keep in the Carlton Hotel at Auckland.
He consented to a separation order from his wife and to a maintenance order for 1 per week,

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