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The New Zealand Gunson families appear to originate mainly from 3 brothers from Lancashire family, with ours decended from the youngest George, born 1810.

The eldest William b.1804 was the first to check out NZ, arriving in Auckland 04 nov 1858,
Impressed he promtly returned to collect his family, arriving back in Auckland 26 sept 1859, ,on the Tornado from Liverpool,from Auckland they went north to Mangapai.
With him came his yougest brother George b.1810 with his unmarried son James b.1838. they settled in Auckland, however George's wife Isabella remained behind in Backbarrow, with her youngest son John Thomas( who is recorded as imbecil in 1871)
Isabella died on 17 January 1879.

The 1861 census, Backbarrow, shows Isabell Gunson as head with son John Thomas aged 9 and next door is
Isabella and George's eldest son George wilson Gunson , b.1833, and family. Some time between 1961 and 71 census, George wilson Gunson his wife mary ann and eldest son William, b.1858, also emigrated, Sadly George wilson Gunson died 22 dec 1865, his wife Mary ann remarried in 1866. According to some reseach son George b.1859 dosnt appear to have been with them , it was thought he had been left behind with his grandmother Isabella , however no George Gunson is not found anywhere in 1871 census, however shipping intelligence for dec 1877 shows a George Gunson on the Barque Chili departed london for Auckland.

George b.1859 does appear in Auckland in 1880, a year after his mother Isabella's death, possible he had gone home to sort out his mother Isabella's estate. Back in Auckland George like his elder brother James became a Builder.

In 1883 George married Alice sophia oakes Mann.
According to a grandson, Albert george Gunson, Alice and George was a ship board romance, as it seems unlikely Alice went back to the UK this may have been an inshore journey, which given roads were still primitive was ofter the only praticle means of transport between cities.
Two sons of James Gunson b.1806 also went to NZ,
George b.1838 in 1878, and William b.1851 in 1873

My thanks to researches by Niel Gunson, John Burton in constucting this narrative.

     George Gunson     m.     Mary Peel
     b.1767            |      b.1767
     d.1849            |      d.1844
 William to NZ 1858/9    James              George to NZ 1859
 b.1804                  b.17may1806        b.09sep1810 
 d.25may1866             d.1888             d.22dec1865 Auckland NZ
 | Ruarangi              |                  |
 |                       |
 m.16feb1833             m.1834             m.1832
 | Ulverston             |  Cartmel         |  Dalton 
 Mary                    Elizabeth          Isabella
 Postlethwaite           Withers            Wilson 
 b.                      b.                 b.~1813
 d.                      d.                 d.1879 UK
 |                       |                  |
 |================||     |=============||   |===================|==============|==========|
 James        1834       George    1838     George              James          John
  Agnes mary              James             wilson              |              thomas
   William     1837        William 1851      |                  |              |
    George     1839                          c.01dec1833        b.1838         b.1852
     John       1841                         d.1868             d.1913     
      Samuel                                 |                  |
       Benson                                |                  m1.......m2.
        Daniel  1847                         |                  |
         Eleanor                             m1.decqt1857       Ann Smith  Mary    nee
          Jane                               |                  Smith      Byrne   Tennant
                                             Mary ann  m2.11aug1870 Thomas         
                                             Steel                  Maitland 
                                             b.~1830 Colton                          
                                             | children born Colton Lancs
                                             William         George        James
                                             b.~1858         c.31jul1859    c.21dec1862
                                             d.              d.04jun1945 NZ aged 85
                                             |               |
                                             m.              m.05dec1883 NZ
                                             |               |
                                             Elizabeth       Alice sophia oakes 
                                             Hogg            Mann 
                                                              b.06dec1860 Smethwick

George Gunson (jnr) christened 01dec1833 at
Priory Church of St Mary and St Michael, Cartmel,
parents George and Bella Gunson

George wilson Gunson married Mary ann Steel decqt1857 Ulverstone (Colton) George wilson's mother Isabella and son John thomas are next door at shedule 10 page 2
George c. 31 july 1858 Haverthwaite, Lancashire

1871 census
Place        Colton
Dwelling     schedule 41, Finsthwaite Lane   

Isabella Gunson    head m 58   Joiners wife             Colton
John thomas Gunson son  s 19                            Cartmel

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